The Most Memorable Moments During the Recent Spring 2020 Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week just finished, which means the world just went through another crazy round of Fashion Month. Designers and brands showed off their latest collections in the major capitals such as New York, London, Milan, and of course, the ‘City of Lights’. And while the focus was mainly on the clothes, some runway moments were too hard to ignore. They unsurprisingly went viral and even until now, are still being talked about. 

Such moments are, after all, what Fashion Weeks are made for. Here are the top 5 the world is still reeling from. 

Jennifer Lopez Closing Down Versace’s Show

You likely saw this splashed all over social media seconds after it happened. Jennifer Lopez closed down the Versace fashion show in Milan wearing a remake of her 2000 Grammy Awards dress that launched Google Images. That red carpet moment 19 years ago was the real first time a celebrity ‘broke’ the internet. So much so that it forced a multi-billion dollar tech company to create a new feature of their search engine. And this was all before social media. So similarly, JLo’s runway spectacle made headlines on the internet as well. Now that’s how you break the internet! 

Model Protests at Gucci

There are some things that fashion should just not touch at all. Even though the industry was built by groundbreaking ideas that pushed the envelope in terms of what’s socially acceptable and what’s not. At times, the business can go too far. And there are some people in the industry who simply won’t put up with it. Just like model Ayesha Tan-Jones. She walked—or rather posed on a moving walkway—for Gucci‘s show in Milan. Part of the collection where she was featured had stylized asylum jackets, even her own outfit. So as a protest, she raised her hands written with, “Mental Health is Not Fashion”. 

Dries Van Noten Collaborates with Christian Lacroix 

It’s always a treat when two fashion masters collide. This season, it was Dries Van Noten and Christian Lacroix. While Van Noten has always been a fixture during Paris Fashion Week, it was refreshing to see Lacroix return to the runway. The once-grand couturier closed his brand a decade ago, and his collaboration with the Belgian designer was the first time he showed a collection during Fashion week since then. And what a collection it was. Feathers, mutton sleeves, opera coats, animal prints, and more. The offering was every fashion lover’s dream and this was the best designer collaboration the industry has seen in a while. 

Bella Hadid Wears a Wedding Gown in Vivienne Westwood

Since skyrocketing to fame a few years ago, Bella Hadid has been a force in fashion. Designers inevitably took notice, booking her for their Fashion Week shows season after season. For her Spring 2020 show, Vivienne Westwood cast the it-model as her bride. But what made this moment stand out was that Hadid wore a style Westwood hasn’t brought out for quite some time now: historical punk. She wore a Marie Antoinette-inspired white lace creation with a huge matching parasol. It was the sort of romantic and couture-caliber moment that fashion hasn’t seen in a while. And even better, it was delivered with a true-blue supermodel. 

Gigi Hadid Stops Runway Crasher in Chanel

As for another Hadid, Gigi had a huge moment herself at the Chanel show. During the finale, French comedian Marie S’Infiltre, whose real name is Marie Benoliel, got up from the audience and started walking on the runway. Her stunt, which caused a ruckus among security, caught social media attention. But what really made headlines was when Hadid approached the comedienne herself and led her off the runway. The audience recorded the supermodel confront Benoliel and drag her off the runway stage. It was one of the very few instances when a model took a runway crasher head-on, and for a Hadid to do that was something else entirely. 

Did you catch all these stand-out moments on the internet or social media? Which of them do you think is the most memorable? Share your reactions in your comments section below! 

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