Off-White Unveils Exclusive Capsule Collection Celebrating The Lunar New Year

Trust Off-White to be ahead of the curve. The Lunar New Year is a couple of weeks away but the premier streetwear brand has already started celebrating it. And they’re doing so with an exclusive capsule collection with “Good Luck” literally written all over it. As per their new line, welcome to the year of the rat! 

See the entire collection in the gallery below:

Entitled the “LUNAR NEW YEAR” collection, Virgil Abloh looks to gain good luck with this new apparel. Color-wise, he stayed within just two hues—black and red—which are the colors Chinese culture prominently use, especially for holidays such as this. According to the Chinese, red signals a year of fortune, good luck, and prosperity. The red here, on the other hand, adds that joyous pop of color in an otherwise dark-schemed offering. The label’s streetwise approach dominates the aesthetic more, with slightly slouchy silhouettes and relaxed sportswear selections that look decidedly urban. Not to mention novel accessories that will likely sell like hotcakes. 

As far as visuals are concerned, the collection also upholds signature Off-White decorations, most prominently the block arrows and the quoted slogans. For this offering, the main slogan reads “GOOD LUCK,” the main proponent of Lunar New Year Celebrations. It appears on men’s hoodies, unisex crew-neck shirts, and handbags. The other slogan also reads “Year of the Rat” which, according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2020 will be. But more than just the slogan, they also featured drawings of the creature on some of the pieces. One looks rather quirky, with its eyes being the O’s on the “GOOD LUCK” slogan, while another looks like a rather realistic-looking sketch. As for the accessories, bucket-hats volumize the street cred of the collection. A more feminine white type features the unique design of a pink lily held by a black hand with the word “off” by the side. The more masculine red type, on the other hand, has a pocket in it that can fit all sorts of items. Additionally, there are also two bags on offer that are both ladylike in silhouette and finish. Both in strikingly red leather, they are a circle bag and a tall tote bag. According to the lookbook, the former befits a more youthful look while the latter adds a nod to old-school sophistication.

Piling on the ladylike approach, as what Abloh has been doing with his seasonal collections, he also sneaked in a black pleated midi-skirt and a pair of stilettos. The skirt almost stands out like a sore thumb amidst the sportswear pieces that make up most of the collection. Though when paired with the other pieces, they still match and show off the ironic style the label has become beloved for. While the pair of stilettos look every bit as ironic as classic Off-White peices, Customers can strap the fine and elegant black leather bases onto their feet with the humorous stark red label tag straps.  What do you think of this collection? Are there any pieces that stand out to you? Will you buy them just in time for the Lunar New Year? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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