Grammy Awards 2020: Top Ten Best-Dressed Stars on The Red Carpet

If there’s one event that still piles on the glamour on the red carpet, it’s the Grammy Awards. And this year is no exception. In a year where women are front and center, their unequivocal senses of style shone just as bright. From Lizzo‘s ode to Old Hollywood glamour to Ariana Grande‘s fairytale dream of a dress, the show started at the red carpet. 

Though most stars brought their red carpet A-game, here are the top ten best-dressed this year. 

Lizzo in Versace 

Ever since she exploded onto the music scene, Lizzo has redefined sexy glamour on the red carpet. She stands as living proof that a voluptuous and bodacious figure looks just as, if not even more fashionable than any other body shape. Here, her figure-hugging Versace white dress harkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, back when the rules of the red carpet were all about curves. And this now-Grammy winner has a lot of that to show off! 

Ariana Grande in Giambattista Valli 

It’s only fitting that pop princess Ariana Grande would wear this tulle confection from Giambattista Valli. For one thing, it’s haute couture, which is probably one of the finest things she sang about in her Grammy-nominated hit single, “7 Rings”. She looked like a sweet cloud with all the voluminous tulle she fluffed about while posing for the photographers. 

Billy Porter in Custom Baja East 

Does anyone ever expect anything less from Billy Porter? In the past year, he was the stand-out red carpet style star that always went viral and stole attention every chance he got. And on this year’s Grammy night, he did it again. His custom Baja East Cowboy-style bedazzled suit has all the sparkles and the drama he has become known for. Including a moving cowboy hat that has since become a meme itself. 

Dua Lipa in Alexander Wang 


Always trust Dua Lipa to go sleek and sexy whenever she can. But this time, she went for a 90s minimalist vibe with her Alexander Wang slip. Well, it’s not really a slip, it’s actually a two-piece silk number that’s just as easy and elegant as the classic style staple. Paired with her diamond choker and colorful makeup, one can’t help but get a flashback to the late 90s with her look. 

Billie Eilish in Gucci

In the past two years, Billie Eilish hasn’t only been music’s best discovery, but also fashion’s newest star. The 18-year-old artist, who won most of the major awards at this year’s Grammy night, displays a uniquely rebellious style that’s edgy and gender-fluid. And her Gucci ensemble personified it down to a tee. Glamorously grunge, it’s the sort of ironic streetwear-meets-luxury aesthetic that she has cultivated and embraced on the red carpet. 

Lil Nas X in Versace 

For an artist who brought out what was perhaps 2019’s biggest single, Lil Nas X had to deliver on Grammy night’s red carpet. Of course, he didn’t disappoint! In a bright pink Versace menswear look, he translated his novel cowboy-style onto the red carpet. With Billy Porter, Diplo, and many others, the wild Western look was evidently the big trend of the night. But as to who looked the best, Lil Nas X certainly put up a good fight! 

Gwen Stefani in Dolce & Gabbana 

Don’t knock out Gwen Stefani just because she’s a veteran in the game. This style star still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Even though her style has matured over the years, she brings out her inner sexiness and rebellious chicness from time to time. On this year’s Grammy Awards red carpet, her Dolce & Gabbana embellished mini had the right kick to it, without, however, sacrificing old-school glamour. 

Shawn Mendes in Louis Vuitton 

Kudos to the many men who went out of their comfort zones on the red carpet. But for those who still relied on a traditional classic style, they deserve some recognition also. Particularly Shawn Mendes, who sported an immaculately-tailored Louis Vuitton suit in the chicest shade of raspberry. He looked sexy and confident out there, and fans expected nothing less! 

Swae Lee in Dundas 

Red carpet style can often look too stiff or too tailored. So when someone goes for an easier and breezier look, it’s hard not to take notice. Swae Lee‘s bathrobe-style suit by Peter Dundas has all the Mediterranean ease the designer is known for. It looks bohemian, chic, and oh so sexy—a unique look that’s rarely seen on the red carpet anymore. 

Grace Elizabeth in Giuseppe Di Morabito 

The great thing about models is that they look great on and off the runway. But Graze Elizabeth certainly outdid herself in her sparkling silver Giuseppe Di Morabito slip. It was rock’n’roll glamour at its finest, especially with its slinky and sleek silhouette. And the best part? She’ll look just as great in it at the afterparty. 

As usual, the Grammys laid out an exciting red carpet full of newsworthy style and a whole lot of glamour. It is, after all, the biggest night in music. People shouldn’t expect anything less from today’s superstars. Fortunately, they gave everyone more! 

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