Don’t Forget to Party at Full Moon Party at Thailand

Don’t Forget to Party at Full Moon Party at Thailand

“What Should I Expect at the Full Moon Party?”

Before the event begins, hundreds of lamps are lit at dusk. The beach is lined with small tables, and as the moonlight touches the white sand, the party starts. 

All genres of music, such as techno, commercial, punk, and blues, just explode on the beach. Jugglers and fire-eaters entertain the crowd as the night passes by. There are drinks and snacks for people who want to chill out.

At the party itself, you can expect everything from body painting, binge drinking, fire festivities (limbo and jump rope), extremely promiscuous behavior, an assortment of party favors, and the occasional ambulance or two. Check out our Survival Tips (redirect to survival tips) so you can enjoy partying without having to be the one rushed to the nearest hospital.

The Full Moon festivities run all night until sunrise, so you better be prepared if you’re going to be a “Full Moon Warrior” and make it through the entire event.

“After Party: What Can I Do Now?”

Sun has finally risen, and you pat yourself on the back for surviving one of the most intense nights of your life (probably with a hangover). Now, you ask yourself the age-old question, “What now?”

Setting aside the Full Moon Party for a bit, if you plan on spending an extra day or two to calm down and enjoy some serenity before heading back, then here’s some excellent news: Koh Phangan is a large, scenic island with plenty of pleasant bays and calm beaches. The island’s northern region has private bays, accessible only by ferry.

(image of The Sanctuary)

The Sanctuary in Haad Tien Bay acts as a beautiful health retreat. It will only take 15 minutes by taxi boat from Haad Rin. You can visit this place for a few days, detox, and meet some interesting native people in the surrounding workshops.

If not, visit the neighboring Haad Yuan Beach, another good alternative getaway from Haad Rin for some days.

(Thai Massage image)

You might have already recovered from your hangover, but the rest of your body will surely be aching from all the dancing and partying in the sandy paradise of Haad Rin. You might want to treat your body to a Thai massage by then.

Let the experienced local masseuses knead, twist, and smooth the kinks out of your muscles, and you’ll feel refreshed afterward. Thai massage is a highly revered traditional practice in the country, so you should experience it at least once while traveling through Thailand. 

This is an excellent activity in Koh Phangan for anyone looking to relax a little.

(Sunset while on a rooftop bar image)

There’s something magical about watching the sunset from a tropical island. Even better is watching an island sunset up high at a rooftop bar so you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view. 

Koh Phangan has many rooftop bars and restaurants that make great vantage points for sunset – which we think is a fantastic moment to share with your friends. Here are a few of the best ones:

Secret Mountain: Open 9 am to 9 pm

Amsterdam Bar: Open 12 pm to 1 am

Three Sixty Bar: Open 10 am to 12 am

(Watch a Movie at an Outdoor Cinema)

And to cap off the relaxing after-party activities, head to the open-air Moonlight Cinema for a fun night full of comfy pillows and a wide variety of new and old films. 

You can buy snacks and drinks at the theater as well. 

Location: 46 Moo 1, Chaloklum Rd. Thong Sala, Ko Phangan

Hours: 3 pm to 1 am (opens at 1 pm on weekends)

Cost: 150 Baht per ticket

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