Billie Eilish To Perform At This Year’s Academy Awards

Just a few days after her big night at the recently-concluded 62nd Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish will now attend another major awards ceremony, the Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences just announced that they’ve invited the five-time Grammy-winner for a “special performance” at this year’s 92nd ceremony.  The Academy’s choice of a performer is both surprising and unsurprising at the same time. Billie Eilish seems like a weird choice because, for now, she has no affiliation with the film industry at large. While she has taken the music industry by storm, she hasn’t ventured into the film business in her already-successful career. However, this all changed when the James Bond film franchise announced that the 18-year-old singer will write and perform the theme for their next installment, “No Time To Die“. With this, Eilish became the youngest artist to take on this iconic gig. 

The release of Eilish’s new single will probably be in April, around the same time the new Bond film will premiere. And seeing as she has no nomination for this year’s ceremony, Eilish’s upcoming Oscars performance still seems confusing. For now, the only info the Academy gave regarding her participation is that it’s a “special performance”. Most likely, she will sing a tribute to either an important film, an iconic franchise or a prominent member of the industry. It’s also possible that she might be this year’s ‘In Memoriam’ segment performer. The likes of Bette Midler, Eddie Vedder, and more have taken this on in previous years. No one can deny that Eilish is on her way to becoming a major superstar. And the fact that a major film franchise such as “James Bond” chose her to perform their upcoming theme means she has become big. And if there’s still any doubt about Eilish’s potential, the recently-concluded Grammy Awards beg to differ. The young alternative pop star inarguably stole the night, having won most of the major awards. She won Best New Artist, as well as Song and Record of the Year for her hit single, “bad guy”. And her debut album, “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” won Album of the Year. 

But if people think her victory will slow her down, think again. Apart from her upcoming Oscars gig and her “James Bond” job, she’s already working on her second album. In a recent interview, Eilish revealed that fans can expect her new record soon, but definitely not this year. “This year, no, but I will be making it this year… But in the next few years? It’s coming. When it’s made. It’s not made yet.” she admitted. Now, she will face a lot of pressure considering her first work won multiple Grammy Awards. Perhaps this is the reason why she will take one year—or possibly more—to make the album.  The 92nd Academy Awards will happen on February 9, 2020. For now, Billie Eilish remains the only confirmed performer of the night. Apart, of course, from the nominees of ‘Best Original Song’ Oscar. Don’t miss the live telecast on ABC.

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