American Music Awards 2019: The Best-Dressed on the Red Carpet

Big ruffles, mini-bags, and a whole lot of sparkles—that means there’s another red carpet event again. This time around, it’s the 2019 American Music Awards, which usually serves some of the craziest and most outrageous looks of all time. This year, however, things looked slight calmer and less outrageous than in past years. But this isn’t to say there wasn’t a lot of fashionable prowess displayed on that red carpet. From Diplo‘s Cowboy look to Lizzo‘s mini-bag, these celebs gave so much fashion, one would think it was fashion week! And before anyone knows it, most of what was seen here will be on the street.

Here are our Top 10 best-dressed on the American Music Awards 2019 red carpet: 

Billy Porter

Billy Porter is, perhaps, the most memorable red carpet star of this day and age. He continues to push boundaries and break barriers with his unique looks that usually contain both masculine and feminine elements. His stark-white Thom Browne ensemble looks no different with its nod to Papal costume and a tinge of modern Victorian fashion. 


Now, for the woman of the hour, the host of the night: Ciara. The R&B superstar went for a cobalt blue tailored suit from Balmain. But what was so interesting about her red carpet look was that she decorated it what looks like African tribal jewelry. It’s a clash of couture and culture and everyone’s here for it! 


Diplo continues with his Cowboy style with one of his strongest looks yet. Sure, it looked rather costume-y with its decidedly strong Western elements, but this only shows what the EDM icon is expressing. Here, Diplo went in hard with a coffee-colored suit, a black leather vest, a black turtle neck, a lone silver chain, and a suede cowboy hat. 


Lizzo must be feeling ‘good as hell’ cause it shows in her Valentino look. Tiered ruffles showing off her God-given curves, her mini-dress looked fun, flirty, and fabulous. She also expertly accessorized it with white details, helping her dress pop out even more. Her most noteworthy accessory, however? Her Jacqeumus mini-bag that’s too small to fit anything in it. 

Lil Nas X

If you thought that Lizzo’s orange dress was eye-popping, wait till you get a look at what Lil Nas X wore. The young rapper wore a neon-green suit that showed off strong shoulders and a zebra-print turtleneck. Not only does his outfit tick two of the biggest trends today, but it also puts to light his youthful exuberance. 

Selena Gomez

Look At Her Now!” Well. you wouldn’t help but look at Selena Gomez in her lime-green silk Versace mini-dress. Her outfit was simple and sexy and showed off the star’s best assets and embraced her natural curves. It’s definitely one of her best red carpet moments as of late!  

Sofia Carson

It wouldn’t be the AMAs with a bit of sparkle. But when Sofia Carson is concerned, she won’t just give a bit of sparkle. She will cover herself in them as she did with her in Francesco Scognamiglio! One of the few who sported a floor-length gown, her one-sleeved disco ball-like number dazzled with sequins and everyone was living for it! 

Shawn Mendes

Let’s get real, Shawn Mendes is all about sex. His sex appeal trumps many of his colleagues and part of what is his style. At this year’s AMAs, he displayed that sex appeal on full view with a semi-open suit. It highlighted his masculine physique and showed off a little chest hair for good measure. 

Taylor Swift

When you’re celebrated as the “Artist of the Decade,” you know you gotta bring it on the red carpet. Fortunately, Taylor Swift did on the AMAs red carpet. Her sparkling juniper green layered romper-and-gown. With a panel that showed off her long legs, of course, she went for thigh-high boots! She couldn’t have done it any other way! 

Thomas Rhett

Any man who chooses to wear florals proves just how comfortable he is in his sexuality. So out of the many men on the American Music Awards 2019 red carpet, no one looked manlier than country singer Thomas Rhett. Ultimately, his grey-toned floral suit was a display of cool confidence and timeless style! 

What did you think of the fashions on this year’s AMA red carpet? Do you agree with these ten best-dressed or do you have other choices? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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