Diplo Reveals He Has Unreleased Collaborations With 6ix9ine and Juice WRLD

The man who has probably worked with everybody just revealed he has collaborated with two very noteworthy artists. In his recent interview Complex, Diplo admitted that he has worked with both 6ix9ine and Juice WRLD. He has unreleased collaborations with the two but didn’t say if he ever plans to drop them soon.  

Watch Diplo’s full interview with Complex below:

Complex caught up with Grammy-winning DJ to talk about his wild Vegas nights, social media antics, and the industry at large. Ten minutes into the conversation, he started talking about when he was part of the hip hop scene in Los Angeles. He even mentioned his 2018 Ep, “California,” which featured top rappers such as Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and Lil Yan, among others. However, it was a picture of Lil Yachty and Juice WRLD that reminded him of their purported work together. “I got a couple of records with Yachty. But we didn’t—actually there were two ideas we did with Juice WRLD that night,” he said. 

“I got a record with Juice WRLD and shoot up a bunch of ideas. I used to be really in the hip hop scene in LA. I used to go in every session and I love the young guys. I put out a record called California with like, a bunch of young kids.” he continued. He also shared that the has since strayed away from the scene when Lil Peep died and 6ix9ine got convicted. “I kind of, like, lost my real, like, energy when I work on records,” he admitted. “You know, when they went away, I kind of—it faded away from me too,”.  Despite revealing all of this, he didn’t say whether he ever planned on releasing the said tracks. It’s likely he was never able to finish them with his collaborators. Back on December 8, 2019, 21-year-old Juice WRLD untimely passed away from a drug overdose aboard a private jet. People close to the artist alleged that he swallowed multiple pills in an attempt to hide them from law enforcement, who were already awaiting his arrival at their destination. The pilot of the jet he was riding in had alerted officials about the drugs and firearms aboard the jet, hence his reaction which ultimately led to his death. 

6ix9ine, on the other hand, remains in and out of prison since 2015. He was first charged with child sex trafficking after videos surfaced featuring him and a friend of the same age sexually exploiting a 13-year-old girl. The rapper eventually pled guilty, but two years later, he denied ever engaging in sexual acts with the victim. He also denied knowing she was a minor at the time and claimed he was just 17 during the incident. In 2018, he then got arrested for conspiracy to murder and armed robbery, facing up to life in prison. Eventually, he also pled guilty and testified against his Nine Trey Gang associates, minimizing his sentence to only 2 years.  What do you think of Diplo’s confession? Would you have wanted him to release his collaborations with JuiceWRLD and 6ix9ine? Do you think he’ll ever drop them? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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