Daft Punk Allegedly Planning to Release New Album This May

Has the time finally come? Will Daft Punk finally release a new album this year? By the looks of some leaked documents, it does seem that way. On a Reddit a thread, a user posted what looks like documents suggesting that the EDM duo will release a new record this may.  It’s been seven years since Daft Punk released anything new. They dropped their last album, “Random Access Memories,” back in 2013, which proved to be a huge hit. With chart-topping singles such as “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell Williams and “Give Life Back To Music,” it’s no wonder they won ‘Album of the Year’ at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Yet, despite this massive success, they haven’t worked on a new album since. They remained busy with countless collaborations with various artists, but nothing under their own name. They’ve also worked on numerous projects, as well as countless gigs at different events. 

It seems that’s all about to change. Reddit user dpthrowaway2020 posted an image of product release information documents on the r/DaftPunk discussion thread detailing what might be Daft Punk’s next album. With the title blackened and the album art still unavailable, it only shared general details about the alleged project. It laid out that their next record will be available in CD, vinyl, and laserdisc forms as well as having 12 to 13 tracks. As for the release date, the documents state May 26, 2020, as the main target, though this may still be subject to change in the coming months.  Despite this exciting news, however, some news outlets warn that these documents might not be as real as they claim. YourEDM.com explained that there are many elements to the documents that slightly betray its authenticity. For one thing, both copies have ‘Draft 1’ written down on both copies of the document in pencil. This may very well mean that most, if not all of the details can change through time.  The representative contact on the top part of the document also reads Paul Hahn of Daft Arts. Daft Arts used to be the French duo’s production company based in Beverly Hills. But they have since discontinued it in 2018. 

As of this writing, neither Paul Hahn nor Daft Punk themselves have commented about these leaked documents. And again, since they’re just drafts, it’s highly likely these aren’t the final product release information details. Seeing as it’s Daft Punk, the leak may still foreshadow an upcoming project that they’ve secretly been working on. More than just their signature masked helmets, the duo has known to be extremely mysterious with their work. While these documents may not necessarily detail what exactly they have cooking up, this could still be seen as a serious hint to new music. Fans will just have to wait and see!  What do you think of the leaked documents? Do you think they’re solid proof that Daft Punk will finally release a new album soon? Are you excited to see and hear what they’ve been working on? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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