Kanye West To Bring His Sunday Service to Miami for Super Bowl Weekend

Praise the Lord it’s almost Super Bowl Weekend! Apart from the biggest football game of the year, do you know what this means? People will hold parties left and right and have a good time. Already, this year’s host city of Miami is expecting a flurry of EDM events. No doubt, they will get the crowd pumped up this weekend. But Kanye West has a different plan. 

This Super Bowl LIV weekend, Kanye West will bring his Sunday Service tour to Miami to remind fans that Jesus Christ is the one and only superstar. “Sunday Service Experience. Bayfront Amphitheatre Miami. Sunday, February 2nd, 11 am” he recently tweeted out. Since early 2019, the rapper has toured multiple cities across the United States with his new religious rap tour. In it, he features new tracks from his most recent album, “Jesus Is King“. The tour has since caught everyone’s attention, for the most part, because of West’s surprising turn to religion. He has since become the biggest champion of gospel rap. 

Beginning at Coachella 2019, in celebration of Easter Sunday, West has inspired a new legion of fans who appreciate his brand of gospel rap. He has even partnered with famous pastors and church organizations, bringing him to places he has otherwise would not have frequented before. And furthermore, he also enlisted help from other artists and allowed them to take part in his Sunday Service performances. Some of them include Chance the Rapper, Tony Williams, Francis and the Lights, among many others. Ultimately, the popularity of this tour led to two new albums, “Jesus Is King” and the subsequent Christmas release, “Jesus Is Born,”.  In an interview with RapZilla.com, Sunday Service’s musical director Phil Cornish shared more about the tour. “One of the unique things about Sunday Service is it really gets to the meat of the message and the point it draws. The point it draws is spreading the Gospel and really attacking the point that Jesus’ love saves, love is the way, love on your brother, love on your enemy, and that’s really the primary message of Jesus. I can love you even through a dispute. I can love you through a difference.” he said. 

But more than just the display of Christian worship, West has sometimes used the event to give his take on current events happening in the world. He’d often ask his audience to pray with him and altogether seek God’s guidance during these trying times. And just recently, he dedicated his Sunday Service to Kobe Bryant, the former NBA star who was killed in a helicopter crash last Sunday. “I was driving home / They was leaving your jersey on the freeway / And I just broke down, broke down, broke down,” he freestyled in one of his tracks. Chance the Rapper also remixed his performance of “Ultralight Beam” to pay tribute to the late sports icon. 


Kanye West’s Sunday Service during Super Bowl weekend will happen on Sunday, February 2, 2020. It will take place at the Bayfront Amphitheatre Miami. Tickets have now gone on sale. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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