Skrillex Confirms He Will Release His New Album Soon

It’s a new year and, according to Skrillex, a new chapter in his career. Apple Beats 1 caught up with the Texan-born DJ right before the 62nd Grammy Awards. He attended the ceremony as a nominee for his collaborative track, “Midnight Hour,” with Boys Noize and Ty Dolla $ign. In the interview, he revealed that his new album might drop soon. 

Listen to Skrillex’s full Apple Beats 1 interview below:

“The thing is with this album, every single of piece music [unintelligible] been what I have right then and there and then it was run and gun. This is the first time I’ve really been taking my time, being precious about a few of these releases. But soon, man. I’m doing some videos, making some content, getting ready for these next records. […] I’ve never sat down and been completely tenacious about one of my releases like this.” Skrillex shared. Though he has already hinted about new music last year, this is the first time he expounded more on what he has been working on. 

By the looks of it, this upcoming album seems like a dawn of a new era in Skrillex’s career. Having shared that he has spent more time working on the new music, as well as becoming more meticulous in his process, fans are in for possibly a new vibe or even a new sound altogether. In essence, Skrillex has never really been one to venture beyond his comfort zone as an EDM artist. Sure, he has collaborated with different artists before, but when it comes to his own music, he often tends to rely on his strengths and signatures. And that has definitely worked for him in the long run.  To his credit, however, Skrillex has released some new music already last year. Back in July, he surprised his fans with a surprise EP, “Show Track,” that included two new tracks, “Fuji Opener” and “Mumbai Power”. And of course, his ‘Dog Blood’ reunion with Boys Noize brought forth a couple of new singles as well. In fact, as already mentioned earlier, one of those tracks, “Midnight Hour,” which also featured Ty Dolla $ign, earned him a Grammy Award nomination. And while it didn’t win, the track did help revive excitement for the EDM duo. It’s possible they might have even worked together in this new album. 

For now, he still remains silent on the title of the new album, the number of tracks, and its release date. This is probably because, apart from working on the new record, he has a lot of gigs himself. A number of festivals have announced that they book the 32-year-old DJ for their 2020 editions. They include Ultra South Africa, Beyond Wonderland, and more. Add to that the fact he might also reunite with Diplo to revive Jack Ü. Throughout last year, the latter kept on hinting and teasing the possibility of the two of them working together as a team again. And if he could do it with Boyz Noise for Dog Blood, Skrillex might as well reunite with Diplo for Jack Ü too!  As of this writing, Skrillex has yet to divulge any new details about his upcoming album. He has only shared that he has been working on and that he will release it anytime this year. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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