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It’s that time of the year again: Super Bowl Sunday! The biggest football game of the year calls for a celebration, whether your team wins or not. In fact, Miami City, this year’s host city for Super Bowl LIV, has a flurry of EDM events to get fans all riled up for the big game. So it’s only right that those of you staying at home will have as much a good time too.

Now, you’re probably preparing for your Super Bown party this Sunday. It’s going to be a huge night for sports and a whole lot of sipping. But what should you serve your guests? Try these savory cocktails for some two-in-one dinner-and-drinks treats! 

Michelada Beer Cocktail

As with any other football game, the Super Bowl requires some beer. A lot of beers! And most probably, your guests are fine with just drinking them out of the can or bottle. But that’s not how to roll for this big night. The big game calls for going big with the drinks, and when it comes to beer, why not go for a Michelada? It’s a hugely famous Mexican treat that requires a pinch of salt, a dash of soy sauce, and a whole lot of sumptuousness. But don’t worry, it still has the right kick like a good ol’ beer. 

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Grilled Cheese Bloody Marys

A night like Super Bowl Sunday calls for some grilled cheese sandwiches. Melted cheese sandwiched between two crispy and warm toast always hits the spot when watching any exciting sport. But what would make it better is when you mix it with a Bloody Mary. Yes, there is such a thing as a Grilled Cheese Bloody Mary cocktail. And it’s an easy treat that not only gives you a buzz but fills your stomach as well. And when you’re so into the game and you don’t have time for a full-blown meal, such a drink is really all you need. 

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Red Snapper

When a cocktail is known as ‘The Better Bloody Mary,’ you know it’s worth serving during the big game. The ‘Red Snapper’ is a gin and tomato juice concoction that’ll give your tastebuds quite a spicy kick. The mix of flavors will likely give you an adrenaline rush, just in time for another touchdown! And if you think this drink is too complicated to do, think again. All you need are some gin, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, lemon juice, ground black pepper, and a pinch of salt. You can even add a nice celery stick, something to much on as the melody flavors goes down your throat.  

Get the recipe by clicking here!

Bacon, Egg, and Whiskey

Breakfast food always makes for great hangover cures. There’s nothing like freshly cooked eggs and bacon to get your senses together after a night of drinking. However, there’s also nothing quite like mixing these same comfort foods with your drink too! And on a day as exciting as Super Bowl Sunday, a Bacon, Egg, and Whiskey cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. The best part is there’s really nothing to it. mix in the egg and the whiskey to create a frothy eggnog-like concoction and add the bacon for that extra savory spell. If your moth is already salivating by the sound of it, it’s understandable! 

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Rum Caesar with Basil and Roasted Garlic

American football is as rough a sport as it can get. All those tackles and blocks—no wonder fans get all riled even when they’re just watching from the sidelines. Or from home. But a rough sport like this one deserves a rough drink too. And the Rum Caesar with Basil and Roasted Garlic cocktail is as rough as they go. A heart mix of rum, basil, and garlic, the drink lets you go on a savory trip like no other. With all these exciting flavors fighting their way onto your tastebuds, it’s going to feel like dinner and drinks all at once. 

Get the recipe by clicking here!

Jalapeno Jelly Tequila Shots

Let’s face, some guests just want to focus on the game. They’re so glued to the television, they’ll probably be oblivious to the party going on in the house. And you know what? Let ’em! This huge game only comes once a year and devoted fans deserve to enjoy them without any distractions. But you still gotta serve ’em something! So to lessen the fuss, maybe forego the other drinks for this type of guest and just give them some nice Jalapeno Jelly Tequila Shots. It’s spicy, tangy, and savory all in one. With just one shot, your guest is good until the halftime show! 

Get the recipe by clicking here!

This Super Bowl Sunday, either go big or go home with your party drinks. Though with these savory cocktails, you’ll likely go bigger than ever before! Let your guests enjoy the big game with these scintillating sips and you’ll probably see them again next year! 

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