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Hold on to your hats folks, Tomorrowland just got more magical! Starting this year, Tomorrowland will start offering ‘Magical Year Passes,’ which will allow attendees easy access to various Tomorrowland features throughout the year. It’s one big purchase that fans can get to enjoy the unique Tomorrowland experience without all the added fees.  The ‘Magical Year Pass’ will be good for two people, making it a great purchase for romantic couples. it might even prove to be a perfect honeymoon plan for newlyweds who are into EDM. The pass will allow customers free and easy access to various Tomorrowland events throughout the year. They include the main Tomorrowland event every Summer in Belgium as well as the new Tomorrowland Winter on the French Alps. For the former, the pass includes a ‘Spectacular Easy Tent Package’ which will make getting accommodations that much easier. While for the latter, it includes a 7-day Package featuring various winter activities. 

With all this free access and easy accommodations, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. This Tomorrowland ‘Magical Year Pass’ costs around €3,875.00 per person. It roughly amounts to $4,302.00. In comparison, a one-day pass during the main Tomorrowland festival costs €88.00 or $110.00. Meanwhile, the full three-day passes only cost €225.00, about $272.00. None of them are even near to the price of the year pass. Though this will probably take a huge toll on your finances, at least it will also come with other benefits. They include ‘A Garden of Madness Travel Package’ and a ‘TML by Tomorrowland’ gift voucher.  Furthermore, also starting this year, the festival will introduce three new concept hotels. Though they haven’t released any specifics, they have hinted on the unique experience of availing them. From getting in one with nature, relaxing in a botanical garden, to even an art gallery, these three concept hotels will upgrade any Tomorrowland experience. And they’re all included in the many available Global Journey Travel Packages. Such Tomorrowland packages allow attendees to get to and experience Tomorrowland easier and more luxuriously. They offer flights, trains, and bus rides that go directly from their city to Boom, Belgium for the festival. 

Upping the ante on interacting with fans even further, Tomorrowland Winter has also introduced a DJ competition. Launched by one of the festival’s partners, RIFFX, they’re opening their main platform to new and up-and-coming artists. Interested participants have to submit two mixes, and an optional live video of a set, before the deadline on February 8, 2020. The winner will get the chance of a lifetime: opening Tomorrowland Winter at their ‘Garden of Madness’ stage. Meanwhile, the runners-up will also get the chance to perform. They will play at the RIFFX stage during the festival. Ultimately, these newcomers will be part of a festival lineup that also includes the likes of Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, and more!  Tomorrowland 2020 will happen from July 17 to July 26, 2020, at Boom, Belgium. They have yet to announce their lineup for this year. Meanwhile, Tomorrowland Winter will run from March 14 to 21, 2020 on the French Alps. The Magical Year Passes, as well as the usual packages Tomorrowland offers, are now available on their website. Avail them by clicking here

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