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Calvin Harris is about to start a new era in his career and fans are all here for it. After tweeting about new music last weekend, the Scottish DJ has now announced he plans to release his first new singles this week. They’re part of an upcoming project which he will release later this year. 

“Start of a new project for me this Friday! Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait) and CP-1 are arriving on the 24th” Harris tweeted recently. He accompanied his post with what might be the official album art for his upcoming project. By the looks of it, the title of his forthcoming release is “Love Regenerator”. Consequently, his announcement comes after a series of tweets Harris posted last weekend. The Scottish DJ revealed to fans that he’s already working on new music and that it’s going to be a new vibe from him. Yet he didn’t reveal any release dates for them until now. 

Possibly, he might have already released a snippet of one of his singles too. Earlier this month, around the same time he first hinted about his new music, Harris posted a video on Instagram. The video contained a sample of new music he has been working on. And by the sound of it, it really is a whole new and different vibe from what Harris is known for. His snippet featured funk bass and 90s-esque synths. Some fans even commented that it reminded them of the iconic theme tune the 90s classic sitcom, “Seinfeld“. Though a few more seconds in, his signature fast drum beats kick in as well. 

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However, Harris didn’t explicitly say the title of this possible new track. And on his announcement of his first new singles, he didn’t mention the Instagram post prior. Fans will have to wait until this Friday to finally hear what he’s been working on. But one thing’s for certain, he’s really gone off on experimenting this time. And considering he hasn’t released any original music since early last year, fans and critics alike don’t know what to expect. Moreover, because of all this hype, he has generated more and more interest in his next gigs in upcoming festivals, especially Coachella. 

The famous California-based festival booked him as one of their EDM headliners for this year’s edition. This new gig marks his first return to Coachella after his history-making debut back in 2016. That year, Harris was the first DJ to ever headline the annual event. He was the first EDM star to perform alongside mainstream artists, including those he has collaborated with. Unfortunately, however, critics weren’t that impressed with him then. Many felt his debut set underwhelmed. Now, he’s hoping to make up for it with this new gig. And to make things even more exciting, he’s giving a whole new vibe.  Calvin Harris will release his new singles, “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” and “CP-1,” this Friday, January 24, 2020. He will also perform at Coachella this spring, from April 11 to 20, 2020. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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