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What’s better than a Calvin Harris set at Coachella? Calvin Harris releasing new music and playing it at Coachella. The Scottish DJ recently hinted about it on social media. This past weekend, he went on Twitter to respond to fans’ messages and some of his replies caught the attention of many. 

“@CalvinHarris will we get new merch before Coachella or some music 😁” Twitter user Sylvia G (@Ssyl19) asked Harris on the social media platform. To which he replied, “Lol merch is not my focus right now you’ll get plenty of music though”. Getting wind of this headline-making tweet, user Eric Reyes (@EricRey_) then followed it up by asking, “what vibe you going for now? is it a completely new one?”. Harris then answered, “For me yeah,”. And when asked by user Lewiss (@LouisDiCriscio), “Can we expect it anytime soon?”. The DJ just tweeted back, “Couple of weeks I think”. 

Judging by this series of tweets, Calvin Harris might have already returned to the studio and started working on the new music. Quite obviously, he may still be within the first stages of the process, hence the mysterious answer to the question on when the new music will drop. He did, however, stress on the “new vibe” this upcoming release will show. The producer confessed that whatever he’s working on now, it’s a completely new territory than what he’s familiar with. And while he hasn’t explained what this exactly means, it did excite fans on what to expect from Harris, with some hoping he’ll bring this “new vibe” in his Coachella set. 

The last time Calvin Harris released anything was back in April 2019. At the 10th-anniversary of his now-classic track, “I’m Not Alone,” he dropped a new remix of it last year. Piling on more of his signature heavy beats and synthetic melodies, the song received a massive upgrade worthy of its new milestone. And with the positive response the remix received, it only further proved that “I’m Not Alone” remains one of Harris’ most beloved releases. Back when he first released it in 2009, it became his first-ever chart-topping single in the UK Charts. Since then, more than a dozen of his tracks have topped the UK Charts as well. 

Calvin Harris’ fans have waited patiently for new music. Though the producer has stayed busy throughout 2019, none of what he did consisted of releasing his own new tracks. He did collaborate with various other artists, but he didn’t drop new music of just his own. Still, he has had a few career highs last year. This includes his residency at the famous Ushuaïa Ibiza hotel. Forbes magazine also named him the ‘World’s Highest-Paid DJ‘ of 2019. With this upcoming new music, he will likely earn a lot more money and retain this title.  For now, there are still no details about Calvin Harris’ new music. He has yet to reveal what kind of record he will drop, its title, and when he plans to finally release it. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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