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It’s the comeback his fans have waited years for! After four years of hiatus, Justin Bieber has returned to the music scene with a brand new single and a new hair color to match. He uploaded his new music video, “Yummy” just recently and it already garnered millions of views. Just goes to show the Beliebers really missed him! 

Watch the music video for Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” below:

Bieber starts out in the video as a pink-hooded figure walking through a kitchen and into a fancy restaurant. The people around him dressed quirkily and vintage-inspire fashions, all mind their own business as the world-famous pop star takes his seat. He then nods to the violinist, signaling the start of the track. As the song begins, he is served plenty of meals while random strangers go to his table and socialize with him as he sings the single. The camera pans circling the table, which after every angle, a new guest appears and shares the meal with Bieber. At times, he even takes a bite out of the dish his random guests are eating. 

By the first chorus, his table has become a whole dinner party of quirkily-clas guests. And as they eat and play along, Bieber dances to his song. Things start getting rather weird when the camera zooms in on him and his guests. One-shot features a long-haired table-mate eating tater tots with a fork. Another shows the pop star holding a whole lobster in one hand. And then the camera zooms in on two people gobbling up pieces of cakes from their forks. Before long, Bieber takes off his hoodie to reveal a similarly pink tank top, steps on to the table, and dances along to the song.  Evidently, Bieber’s starting his new era, and the new decade, rather strong with this single. It has all the material for a hit song from the likes of the Canadian singer: a catchy chorus, easy-to-copy choreography, and a quirky video to match. And with his new look, it seems he wants this new period in his career to really stand out. Perhaps one of the more shocking parts of the video was when Bieber revealed his new pink-dyed buzzcut. Teaser images only showed him with platinum blonde hair. No one knew he’d go all the way with a pink do. 

Furthermore, he plans to mark this new era with a tour and a new docu-series this year. The latter will talk about the darker days of Bieber’s career. This includes his very public on-and-off-again relationship with Selena Gomez and when he canceled part of his 2017 “Purpose” tour. The series will premiere on YouTube Originals this January 27, 2020. As for the new tour, which has yet to be named, it will begin this May. He will mostly perform his upcoming new music and will travel all over North America for it. Ultimately, he plans to end the tour by September. Though if his new album proves successful, he might still extend it.   For now, there are still no details as to the title of Justin Bieber’s upcoming album nor when he plans to drop it. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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