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It looks there’s a new romance that’s brewing in the EDM scene. During this past holiday season, Diplo got more than a little cozy with up-and-comer Chantel Jeffries, also known as Ceejay The DJ. The two spent the New Year living it up in Tulum, Mexico, where paparazzi captured the two clearly enjoying each other’s company.  Though going on vacation together doesn’t automatically they’re dating, it’s how the paparazzi snapped the alleged couple that took fans’ and the media’s attention. On one of the shots, Diplo lies comfortably amidst Jeffrie’s long tan legs. The model and DJ caresses his face as both take a break from swimming. When they are at sea together, the photos also make it out that they can’t stop letting go of each other. They’re clearly embracing in more than platonic fashion as they enjoy splashing around and swimming amongst the waves. And a close-up shot of Jeffries even reveals that she’s enjoying his company very much. 

In fact, it’s almost safe to say that the model has become open to sharing about what might be their new relationship to her fans. Or at least, to her followers on Instagram. This past weekend, Ceejay The DJ posted a series of snapshots from her time in Mexico. “V chill & ready to hear good music tn 🤪🌈🍄🧚🏽” she shared on the caption. She lies leisurely and seductively on the bed, sporting the same orange bikini she wore on the paparazzi shots with Diplo. But the third image in the photo-series revealed that her photographer, at least for the first two shots, was Diplo himself.  

While it’s not an open declaration of their relationship, it certainly looks like it. But this isn’t exactly the first time the two have been spotted together. Through the years, paparazzi have snapped Diplo and Chantel Jeffries together. Sometimes, they appear as just friends who happen to meet at the same event. Other times, however, look like they were both on a date. It’s only now, with how touchy-feely they are with each other, that the true nature of their relationship appears almost undeniable. Still, even though it’s been a few days since the photos have circulated online and on social media, neither have comments on them. 

Apart from their music and influencer status, Diplo and Jeffries have become known to be quite the catch. They’ve both been in high-profile romantic relationships before. And, at the same time, rumored to have dated other equally famous celebrities as well. Diplo, on his part, has dated actress Kate Hudson and singer Katy Perry. He also has had two sons with actress Kathryn Lockhart. Jeffries, on the other hand, has had a string of A-list boyfriends herself. The most notorious of which was Justin Bieber. It was her relationship with the “Sorry” singer that made her more well-known. The others include rapper Travis Scott and NBA player Kyrie IrvingDo you think Diplo and Chantal Jeffries will be EDM’s new power couple? How long do you think their relationship will last? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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