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It’s going to be a party in Torino this summer. The Italian city hosts the EDM festival, Kappa Futur Festival, every year and this year, it looks to be quite the event. And now, they just released their 2020 lineup full of seasoned veterans and noteworthy emerging talents. It’s an event not to be missed!  Come July, the Mediterranean paradise will welcome the likes of Carl Cox, Diplo, The Black Madonna, and more. A lot of them have performed at the festival before, so it’s sure to be an amazing edition this year too. Also returning from a successful run back in 2018 are The Martinez Brothers, the Bronx-based duo slowly climbing the ranks in EDM. This year, however, their performance will sound extra intense as they plan to play B2B Jamie Jones. A two-time DJ Awards winner, the Welsh DJ has worked with the pair before. They collaborated on a track together, “Bappi,” which they released back in October under Jones’ label, Hot Creations

But what of the other veterans? For Carl Cox, Kappa Futur is one of several festivals that have booked hi for their 2020 editions. Clearly, Cox remains popular in the EDM festival circuit. Year after year, he continues to be a mainstay and favorite for many events, even bringing along his own stage for some of them. But this 2020, he’ll remain busy even without those festival gigs. Cox just announced that he will embark on a new tour entitled “Invites”. Starting in February, and including his festival gigs, he will travel all over the United States for this new 2020 tour.  As for Diplo, while his 2019 was definitely exciting, it looks like his 2020 will try to top that. He did end the previous year with a bang. Firstly, he held his first-ever holiday toy drive for the less-fortunate children of California. Seemingly, he plans to make it an annual tradition for the state. And in welcoming the new decade, he offered his ‘Best of the Decade’ mix for the BBC’s Radio 1 station.  Surely it included some of his own works. And speaking of his own works, fans might just hear a lot of Diplo this 2020. Back in 2019, he teased and hinted at all sorts of projects he wants to work on. They all might come to fruition this year. 

Also busy this year is The Black Madonna. Similarly to her fellow EDM veterans, she too has a lot of festivals in her schedule for 2020. Apart from Kappa Futur, she will also headline Movement Detroit, Way Out West Festival, and more. Though it is a testament to the DJ that she will still have a lot of energy for all these gigs. In the latter part of 2019, she embarked on a North American tour that spanned most of the latter half of the year. And in 2020, her traveling will go on as fans from all around the world want to hear her music.  Kappa Futur Festival will run from July 4 to 5, 2020 in Turin, Italy. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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