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To say that it has been a tumultuous year for music festivals is an understatement. 2019 saw a lot of festivals fall hard while others rose triumphantly. It also saw a lot of milestones, from special anniversaries to first-timers in terms of headliners and features. The year has been so exciting for festivals, it’s already difficult to think about how 2020 can top it. But it most likely will. The thing about music festivals is, when done right, they get better year after year. And while this year saw a lot of problems, a new decade may mean a clean slate for a lot of them.

Still, 2019 witnessed incredible music festivals, here are our top 5: 

1st – Tomorrowland

For their 15th-anniversary, of course Tomorrowland went off this year with a bang. With their famous “Book of Wisdom” as their main stage, the Belgian-based festival held what was perhaps the biggest and best rave of the year.  And with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, and DJ Snake pumping up the crowd, they can do no wrong. In fact, even Shaquille O’Neal had lots of fun during the world-famous festival. A video of the former NBA star partying at Tomorrowland went viral. 

2nd – Amsterdam Dance Event

If there’s a country that has truly mastered EDM, it’s the Netherlands. After all, this European nation has given the world its most prolific DJs. Aptly named the ‘Amsterdam Dance Event,’ the festival pays tribute to the genre and its many facets especially this year. But the raves at night are what people mostly go for. There was even one that a mysterious new producer, “Mr. X” played. And to this day, no one knows of his true identity. It’s these gimmicks that make EDM much more exciting! 

3rd – Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2019 was special for many reasons. But perhaps the best one touched on Kylie Minogue‘s performance. Without a doubt, the Australian pop goddess brought the house down during her headlining set at the famous Pyramid stage. But the fact that she got to do it was what made it special. The festival already booked her back in 2005 but she had to withdraw for health reasons. This year, she made up for that dire circumstance with a performance for the ages! 

4th – Ultra Europe

For a festival that was practically venue-less for a time. Ultra Europe sure did rise above the cracks. Very much like their American counterpart, Ultra Europe suddenly found themselves at odds with the location they’ve been holding the festival on for years. It came to a point that it seemed the event might not happen at all this year. But, as luck would have it, they found a new venue. And for some poetic justice, they broke their own record of the number of attendees this year. A whopping 120,000 people partied at Ultra Europe this 2019! 

5th – Primavera Sound Barcelona

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound may not be one of the more famous festivals in the world, but they sure are the most innovative. Just this year, they broke the record for having an equal number of female headliners to male performers. Though this may seem like a small feat, it was a huge step in an industry still dominated by men. And the women that led this record were trailblazers themselves! They included Robyn, Rose Terenzi, and more! 

Now that 2019 has finished, we now move forward to 2020! We have a new year of exciting music festivals to look forward to! Which ones are you most excited about? Share them and your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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