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It’s almost 2020 and fans are still asking: where is Zedd? Or at least, where’s his latest album? Though the German DJ has remained busy with various collaborations through the years, he hasn’t really released new original works. And the fans have grown tired of waiting for him to do so. 

Out of frustration, a fan tweeted at Zedd saying it’s been too long since his last album. “its been 5 years since your last album Zedd please stop playing” Twitter user @moolean posted. His last album was “True Colors,” released back in 2015. Consequently, Zedd replied with a simple, “2020”. His own social media post got his fans into a frenzy. Finally, there was a definite sign that he will finally release or, at least, start working on a new album. His tweet then received a barrage of replies asking more details about the upcoming record. But Zedd didn’t answer any of them. 

Though his tweet caught fans off-guard, this is the second time he has teased about new music recently. Just last week, he also tweeted about a possible collaboration with Martin Garrix. “ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD x @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!” he asked fans. Along with his post, he shared a few snapshots of himself and Garrix lounging around and having fun on-stage. The two young producers have long outwardly expressed their friendship. Both of them have posted about it several times on social media. They’ve shared photos wherein they’re goofing around behind-the-scenes of sets and festivals or just hanging out.  Whether his seemingly forthcoming collaboration with Martin Garrix will appear in the new album remains to be seen. Though it’s easy to suspect that Zedd’s upcoming new release will be full of collaborations. He has built his career in them. Since his debut to today, he has worked with countless artists, especially mainstream ones outside of the EDM genre. And those collaborations weren’t just for his own. He has also ventured into mainstream producing himself, working on tracks for other artists in their own albums. This year, he most prominently worked with Katy Perry for her recent series of singles. 

For now, fans just feel relieved that their favorite DJ will finally drop a new album. They made their feelings known on social media, tweeted Zedd about how excited they are with this possibly new record. “Merry Christmas indeed!” tweeted world-famous gamer Ninja (@Ninja). “OMG YASSS THIS IS WHAT WE NEED” posted Twitter user Hanna W (@Hannawdy). And @moolean, whose tweet Zedd replied to in the first place, replied back, “yes thank you god”. Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses his tweet got, Zedd really has let his fans wait too long. Now, as a new decade approached, he will finally drop a new album and possibly begin a new era in his career. 

For now, Zedd has not released any new details about his upcoming album. He shared no release date yet, no possible title, nor who will his collaborates be this time around. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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