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What are these two baby-faced DJs up to? Recently, Zedd went on Twitter to post an important question to fans: “ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD x @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!”. He even accompanies his tweet with a series of photos featuring both producers. Two of the images show them relaxing on vacation and another two show them at a concert together. 

Though they have never worked together, Zedd and Martin Garrix have always been open about their close friendship. They’ve posted countless images of hanging out and having together online. And they’ve supported each other during their own respective performances as well. In fact, just last October, Garrix brought out Zedd during a Soundcheck Afterparty in Washington, D.C. They played B2B for the crowd alongside Jax Jones. Ultimately, that performance saw one of the first times both DJs ever really worked together in a relatively professional capacity. All the other times they’ve been seen together, they’re mostly having fun and goofing around. 

No one really knows how the two became close. Despite their expertise in music, the only thing they have in common is that they’re both quite young, especially at the height of their careers. While almost a decade apart, one can’t deny both DJs exude youthful energy that has, in many ways, become an advantage to both their careers. Still, their friendship has become one of the most loved in the EDM game. In a genre of the music industry that many see as extremely competitive and cutthroat, their public displays of platonic affection look refreshing.  If this collaboration pulls through, it will serve as their first official track together. It will be Zedd’s first official release in recent years. This 2019, he has only released practically two singles officially under his name. They include “Good Thing” featuring Kehlani and “365” with Katy Perry. Most of the time, this pat year, Zedd focused more behind-the-scenes as a credited producer. He even worked extensively with Perry on her most recent hit singles, such as “Never Really Over” and “Small Talk“. But those tracks are officially under Katy Perry’s masters. Zedd only has credits on those songs.  

Garrix, on the other hand, has had quite a year this 2019. He released a boatload of hits this year, all of which he collaborated with some of the most prominent artists. He worked with Dean Lewis, for instance, on “Used to Love”. While this past summer, he got together with rapper Macklemore and Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump to release “Summer Days,” the feel-good hit of summer 2019. In fact, Garrix remained so busy this past year that it’s no wonder he won big at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. That night, he received the “Best in Electronic” category award.  What do you think of this possible collaborations? Are you ready for a Zedd x Martin Garrix track to welcome in 2020? Especially considering the DJs involved? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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