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According to Diesel, you don’t have to look like one of Santa’s elves when you attend the many Christmas parties you’ll go to this year. The contemporary denim brand suggests that streetwear isn’t out of style this season. With every party you go to, you can still look cool and trendy. 

See the collection in the gallery below:

With striking denim pieces, stand-out puffers, and leather must-haves, Diesel is making quite the case for your Christmas wardrobe. For the brand, it’s all about the 90s hip hop scene for this holiday season. That time when artists reinterpreted glamour to fit their streetwise lifestyles. And what came out of it was a spectacular style revolution that influences fashion to this day. And as high fashion brands go back to their roots with tailoring Diesel does the same with their contemporary origins. Many in this selection harken back to old-school Diesel, which mostly touched on an upscale take on rebellious styles. 

Take the silver metallic puffer jacket, for instance. A classic for the brand, its silver foil-like finish uplifts with its unapologetic glamour and fabulosity. Remember the foil crowns your dad used to wear for Christmas? This will remind you of that. However, it doesn’t in any way. sacrifice its streetwise style and practicality. Its think silhouette and expert padding allow for maximum warmth and comfort for the cold holiday season. You’ll stick out just as easily on the snowy streets as you will at the party. And in fact, its sheen is so good, you wouldn’t want to take off even when the party gets going!  Notably, the line’s palette stayed limited within dark neutral tones. Shades of gray, gun-metal, and classic black and white dominate most of the collection’s pieces. With such a move, Diesel is making a powerful statement: you don’t have to wear loud colors to be festive. The selection encourages fashion rebels to stick to their street style favorites instead of buckling down to the pressure of wearing red or green for the holidays. And who’s to say their striped sweaters and graphic tees don’t look festive? Not to mention the hardware-decorated pieces for that extra dimension and punky edge. 

Now, if you think leather isn’t Christmassy, you ‘re wrong? What do you think Santa Claus wears on his feet? However, Diesel’s take is edgier, a little sexier, and very provocative. The menswear jacket, for example, might take you back to those rebellious times, when punk fashion was just emerging. The piece looks straight out of what Guns N’ Roses or The Rolling Stones might wear on-stage! The leather bustier dress, on the other hand, packs in the sex appeal and puts in on maximum overdrive. It features a thigh-high slit and hardware embellishments that may suggest, but not really seduce.  What do you think of Diesel’s new Holiday 2019 party wear line? Will you be wearing these styles this season? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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