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Avicii may have passed away but his legacy lives on and strong. His name remains in the general consciousness of his fans and colleagues, especially the impact of his untimely death. And now, after everything that has happened, Spotify provided proof that fans still listen to the late DJ’s music. 

The popular streaming service recently released its list of the “Most Streamed Songs of the Decade” complete with a solid ranking. Right on the eighth spot sits Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” single from 2013. Released via his “True” album, the track has since been credited as having catapulted the Swedish DJ into worldwide fame. Upon release, the song rose to massive popularity, especially in Europe where it topped several dance and radio airplay charts. In the US, the single peaked at #22 on the Billboard‘s Hot 100 Singles chart. But on the publication’s subsequent Dance/Electronic Songs chart, it peaked at #2. 

While the song was released over six years ago, its impact on EDM and on the fans never really faded away. With Aloe Blacc on the vocals, the track was one of the first of its kind to combine two completely genres together in a dance mix. It boasted a tinge of country music while Avicii’s strong beats help up its rave-ready vibe. And to this day, the single continues to be a mainstay in various nightclubs around the world. Many other DJs have even put their own spins on it when they include it in their sets. And various companies have also used the track for their own advertising.  Beyond its Spotify ranking, however, “Wake Me Up” caught the attention of other entities in the global music scene.  Specifically, the UK included the track in their list of top 100 singles of the past decade. Sitting comfortably at #13, Avicii’s song ranks the highest among all of the dance tracks included in the list. And the list is pretty heavy of dance tracks itself, with songs from The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta. Notably, even when British producers made the list, it was still Avicii’s iconic work that ranked the highest among all the EDM entries. This really says a lot about his impact on music. 

And that impact carries on with the help of many of his colleagues. Just last week, several of his contemporaries held a tribute concert to him which they streamed live on YouTube. The event featured many of his classic hits, including “Wake Me Up”. Aloe Blacc even performed it live, blazing on the stage alongside other invited artists like Rita Ora and Adam Lambert. In addition to the livestream, funds from those who paid to watch the concert live will all go to help causes surrounding Mental Health Awareness. This was part of the Tim Bergling Foundation‘s initiatives in celebrating the late DJ. 

Watch the Avicii Tribute Concert below:

What do you think of Spotify’s “Most Streamed Songs of the Decade” list? Did any of your favorites make it? Do you think Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” deserves to be up there? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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