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Admit it, there’s no friendship in EDM quite like that of Diplo and Dillon Francis. The two premier DJs have outwardly expressed their affection for one another. They’ve shared gigs, supported each others’ sets, and have even had their own antics on social media. Now, they’re going on a new venture together: guesting on “Hot Ones”. 

Check out the teaser for the episode below:

In recent years, “Hot Ones” has become one of the most popular web series on YouTube. Created by foodie YouTube channel FirstWeFeast, the show has featured countless celebrities since its inception. Within the EDM industry, they’ve invited the likes of Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, and Dillon Francis himself. The premise of the show remains simple; host Sean Evans interview the celebrity guests while they eat chicken wings with hot sauce. As the episode progresses, the sauced get hotter and hotter. Fans have enjoyed the series mostly because of the reaction of their favorite celebrities to the hot sauces that get spicier as the interview goes on. 

But the upcoming episode featuring the two DJs will be a little different. They will actually go on during a special edition of “Hot Ones” called “Truth or Dab”. Here, the show will feature a competition-like format. Diplo and Dillon Francis will take turns answering questions from Evans. As what the title suggests, the questions in this special edition will be revealing and probably quite personal. So when one of them decides not to answer a question,  he will have to take a bit out of a wing dipped in The Last Dab. ‘The Last Dab’ is the hottest sauce in the show.  Ultimately, the two producers’ episode will be the show’s holiday special this year. And for Diplo, this will be entirely appropriate. The American DJ recently felt the holiday spirit and announced his new annual toy round-up. In partnership with Trina’s Kids Foundation, he called on his fans on social media to give and donate toys for the less fortunate kids in LA. “Hi guys, we’re here at Hubble Studios. I need you to bring your toys from now to Saturday. We have a lot of toys going on. Hubble Studios. Trina’s Kids. Crazy! Bring your toys! If you’ve got something, just bring it. Give it! It’s Christmas!” he shares in a clip he posted. 

As for Dillon Francis, he’s feeling sentimental himself and his latest release proves it. The LA native recently remixed Maroon 5’s “Memories” dedicated to his childhood friend. One of Francis’ best friends growing up, she died battling cancer. In tribute, the DJ showed off his more sensitive and emotional side with a surprisingly tame remix. The track almost bears no similarities with the rave-ready remixes he’s done in the past. Though the song still sounds upbeat, there’s a certain air about it that makes it less appropriate for a party and more for a celebration. 

Are you excited to see this special edition of “Hot Ones” featuring Diplo and Dillon Francis? Which of them do you think will come out victorious in the end? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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