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Recently, Louis Vuitton had been all over ‘League of Legends‘. Just last month, they unveiled their monogrammed trophy case, complete with a glistening sheen and a fine leather finish. This time around,  the french luxury brand has unveiled a collaborative capsule collection for fans to wear and fawn over during the competition. 

See the new Louis Vuitton x League of Legends collaborative capsule collection in the gallery below: 

The collection mostly ventures into sportswear, a style that Nicolas Ghesquière is more than familiar with. Ghesquière currently serves as Louis Vuitton’s womenswear line, which makes most of the capsule collection more feminine-driven, but there’s still some unisex pieces there as well. In a stark color palette of silver, black, blue, and brown, the collection elevates athleisure with its own metallic finish and precise cuts. Sure to stand out will be a monogrammed tracksuit, both for men and women, decorated with black, white, and blue stripes. Each piece looks so striking, they make an impact whether worn together or separately. 

The camouflage-like motif appears in many other garments as well. A fitted women’s cut t-shirt, a trench-like anorak, and even in their leather goods. The pattern, which looks cool and edgy, puts a streetwise spin to an otherwise luxury collection. Some pieces, on the other hand, look more futuristic and evokes an undeniably fashionable look. Cut with multi-colored panels and made with extremely luxe fabrics, this wardrobe familiarizes itself with the chic space-age style that the game is widely known for. A round-neck cropped top, made out of double-knit jersey, will likely sell for its graphic design and its fitted silhouette.  Some high fashion pieces upped the luxe factor even more.  They look almost as if they came from the brand’s seasonal collection. A monogrammed metallic silver jacket, for instance, packs in the impact with its strong shape and undeniable craftsmanship. Though the style looks sporty and streetwise, the choice of material and indelible shine make it look more sophisticated. The Ghesquière-designed piece also shows off the designer’s strong signature, especially with what he’s been doing at the brand. While a few mini-bubble skirts look like they were made out of fine chiffon fabric. They further feminize the collaborative offering. 

Now, if “LoL” fans think Louis Vuitton is too snooty to feature the game’s characters in their apparel, they will have to think again. A few well-cute tees feature some of the famous figures that have made the game the digital juggernaut it is now. Qiyana, one of the characters Ghesquière designed a Prestige skin for, appears on a black t-shirt that gamers can pair with any other piece. This shirt will likely also sell well among die-hard fans of the game. However, fans should still note that Louis Vuitton is still a luxury brand. Though some peices look simple enough, they might still go for thousands of dollars. 

What do you think of the collection? If you’re a ‘League of Legends’ fan, will you buy anything from this collaborative capsule collection? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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