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What is it with the EDM business? It seems like every time they want to tease something, all they have to do is change their profile pictures on their social media pages to pitch-black. Swedish House Mafia recently did it, and now, Tomorrowland follows suit. But this actually means remains to be seen.  It happened only recently. Amidst the colorful celebrations of their celebratory 15th-anniversary, suddenly, the festival’s social media pages went dark. The accounts remained active, but the changed their profile pictured in their social media accounts to solid black images. Even their official Twitter account uploaded a similar image with no caption to accompany it. Such surprising moves have now led fans to theorize what it could all possibly mean. Are they planning something big? Is there an announcement to be made? Or in a sadder sense, could this mean the festival has gone bankrupt? Suddenly, theories are thrown left and right. 

One that has caught credence, on the other hand, was on the /r/Tomorrowland subreddit thread. A user discovered that when you look in the HTML code of the image, you will find that there reads a hidden message. “Light travels faster than sound – 299 792 458 m/s.” said the hidden message. But even to many fans, this just further complicates things. Many might think that the digits point to a specific date, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Though for some—those diehard Tomorrowland fans—this alludes to something even more exciting.  On the same subreddit, users noted that the hidden message conveys what might be the theme for next year’s Tomorrowland. They raised the title “Pyramids of Space,”. It was written on one of the books on “The Book of Wisdom” main stage last July. But what does this title have to do with the message? It’s a possible allusion to the Pyramids of Giza, whose exact coordinates are often associated with the speed of light. Ushering in a new era after their 15th year, it looks like Tomorrowland stands ready to introduce new main stages for their thousands of attendees to enjoy. 

For now, however, the festival organizers have not commented on this theory. And it remains the most popular amongst a flurry of others coming from fans all around the world. As Tomorrowland Winter 2020 is only months away, some conspiracy theorists suggest that the social media blackout might have something to do with it. Or, this blackout might have something to do with a particular EDM act who also did the same thing. Could Tomorrowland and Swedish House Mafia be cooking something up with their recent social media mysteries? Only time can tell!  What do you think is behind this peculiar social media blackout? Do you believe any of the theories that fans have thrown out? Do you have your own ideas on what all of this might mean? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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