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Ever heard a DJ’s set and got attached to new and strange songs you’ve never heard before? And when you try to find those tracks on the artist’s page on Spotify or Apple Music, you can’t find them? Well, it’s that specific problem that this new app, ‘Playlistify,’ seeks to remedy. 

Create Spotify and Apple Music playlists from DJ sets! from EDM

Reddit user iAligator created the app. In his/her post on the online platform, he/she shared that users can get all sorts of DJ sets from various websites, paste the URL into the app, and it will automatically find the tracklist for it. “I’m excited to be back with new additions to Playlistify.app including support for Apple Music and livetracklist.com as well as a new design and better track matching! Playlistify is a web app I made that creates Spotify/Apple Music playlists from concerts, shows, DJ sets, etc. on 1001tracklists.com, setlist.fm, and livetracklist.com. In order to use it, you simply have to find the tracklist of interest on 1001tracklists.com, setlist.fm, or livetracklist.com and enter the tracklist’s URL over on Playlistify.app.” said the post. 

Any set that your favorite DJs performed at various gigs and concerts, this app seeks to help you find out which tracks they used for them. And the best part is anyone can connect the app to his/her Spotify or Apple Music accounts. As per the creator’s instructions, as well as those who’ve used the app themselves, a simple cut-and-paste process will automatically generate a playlist within these music-streaming services. It’s not you have to assemble the tracks yourselves on these apps, Playlistify already lays everything out, as accurately as possible, for you. And just like that, you get to see the tracks used in that specific set.   Though, just like many apps of its kind, Playlistify does have its limits. For one thing. the app currently only supports Spotify and Apple Music. And while these two services are the most popular of its kind, it will still benefit the app if it can support more platforms. But sure enough, the team behind the app is working on it. In the thread that the creator started on Reddit, user johnnyorchard1996 asked him/her, “Hey! Is there any way it would come to Youtube Music?”. To which, u/iAligator replied, “For sure! That’s a platform I can add support for,”. 

There are also types of gadgets that can support the app itself. Currently, it seems that only Apple mobile products are only able to support Playlistify. However, iAligator reassured users he/she and his/her team are working on this aspect, posting, “Currently starting work on that. In the meantime, it is mobile-optimized if you go to the website from your phone.”. 

Still, at least on Reddit, the app has received a lot of praise. It seems the app and its primary functions have answered the prayers of many EDM fans. User Raptor819 commented, “Awesome man, I needed something like this,”. While user shantzybear shared, “This is an absolutely fantastic idea and I’ll be using this a lot thank you!”. Ultimately, the thread is full of praises such as these. What do you think of the Playlistify app? Have you used it or have any plans on using it? Do you think it makes listening to EDM that much easier? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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