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From EDM DJs to filmmakers to now, TV producers? It looks like The Chainsmokers have chosen this path for their next endeavor. The EDM duo announced via their Instagram page that they just sold their first-ever TV show to Freeform. It will be their first TV project and it already has a premise and everything! 


“Couldn’t be happier to have sold our first TV project to @Freeform. Thank you for believing in us!” they captioned their Instagram post with. According to Variety, writer and producer Joy Gregory wrote the story for this upcoming series. She eventually got both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart to co-produce the project under their ‘Kick the Habit’ production company. They will work alongside the duo’s manager Adam Alpert who, incidentally, also serves as the CEO of Disruptor Records. With this info alone, it looks like the series will include a lot of tracks from the record company, and hopefully from the duo themselves.  

Entitled “Demo,” the series will follow the journey of a 20-something musician as she navigates Hollywood. She leaves behind her indie rock band and working-class family to try to make it big in this cut-throat industry. She also changes her genre from indie rock and punk music to writing mainstream pop songs for various other artists. However, the highly competitive business proves to be too difficult, leading her to struggle quite a bit. In the middle of her journey, she realizes that in order to come up with songs that will resonate with people, she’ll have to explore her past and expose her inner demons.  The premise, written by Gregory, rings familiar with other shows that tackle the cut-throat nature of the music industry. And when it comes to telling the story of the youth, Gregory has proven herself to be effective in this area. Her previous writing and producing credits include ABC‘s “Switched At Birth” and CBS‘ “Madam Secretary,”. As for The Chainsmokers, the series will serve as their first time producing an actual TV series. While they’re not entirely unfamiliar with producing, especially songs and films, creating a TV show is an entirely different animal. Arguably, the TV business is much more cut-throat than the film industry. 

Just last year, the duo launched their aforementioned to release their first film, “Paris”. Now, this project, on the other hand, was their first foray into filmmaking. In association with TriStar Pictures, the duo started their production company to produce a movie inspired by their 2017 hit single of the same name. Since then, however, no other news has come out regarding this project. They haven’t released any info regarding who will star in the film and when it will come out. For now, fans only know that Mickey Rapkin, author of the book that inspired “Pitch Perfect,” will write the screenplay.  Similarly, there’s no word yet as to who will star in “Demo” nor when it will premiere on Freeform. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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