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Deadmau5 certainly does not hold back! Just recently, the Canadian DJ went on Reddit and ranted his heart out about his last gig during the Dreamfields Music Festival in Mexico. He called out Belgian EDM duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike specifically, and just a warning, there’s a lot of anger and cursing involved here. 

I’m sorry from deadmau5

“I’m sorry,” the title of the thread read. He then proceeded to vent out his extreme frustrations with the pair. “But dimitri and like Mike or whatever the fuck they are need to seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP? Seriously. How hard is it to get through a set without fucking picking up the mic for three seconds without asking how everyone is, how they’re feeling, to put their hands up, or count to three, or why they had for room service, every god damned 5 seconds? It’s bad enough they’re playing the worst fucking music I’ve heard all decade much less describing it every fuckin 4 seconds on a PA. Play the fucking CD, fist pump and clap if you must… but holy shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Lol.” he shared. 

He finished his rant by exclaiming, “Reminder to myself, never play on the same bill as these fucking pieces of shit,”. Essentially, both acts headlined the said festival. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike took hold of the main stage, and nearby, Deadmau5 performed on the smaller techno stage as “Testpilot”. But because the former usually shouts out to the audience during their set, it annoyed the famously masked DJ. Despite a sea of attendees between them, it seems that Vegas and Mike’s signature cheering and jeering still disrupted Deadmau5’s set. To which the latter got so frustrated and vented it all out on the online platform.  Eventually, the controversial producer went back on the site, and while he didn’t take back what he said, he did explain his behavior. “Lol was semi-drunk writing that…. for the most part, I don’t give a shit…. fuck em. I think my big problem was that their stage. And they’re incessant yapping was like 20 feet from ours and I’m trying to play and all I can hear are these fools. Lol. Good morning!” It’s clear he stands by what he posted, not caring for the possible repercussions of his rant. For now, the aforementioned DJ duo has not responded to the rant. 

Now that he’s released all his anger, Deadmau5 is back to let his fans know about his new music. After his Reddit escapade, he went on Twitter to tease his new single, “Satrn,”. The 10-second second snippet features just a descending synth which doesn’t really sound all that distinctive. It’s clear that he’s saving the best for the release. 

What do you think of Deadmau5’s rant? Do you think he made the right move by venting it all out on Reddit? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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