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It looks like Swedish House Mafia and Mike Dean are cooking up something big. The legendary producer posted a surprising snapshot wherein he was hanging out the EDM trio. “COOKIN WITH THE SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA.” he captioned the Instagram with. The said post has since caused a frenzy on social media, hyping up fans of what’s to come.

It was rather surprising to see Swedish House Mafia popping up on Instagram again. Just recently, the group blacked out their social media accounts, prompting fans to think that something really might be up. Even until now, the group’s Instagram account still stands bare. The profile picture was changed to pitch-black and all the posts that hacked up thousands of likes from fans are all still gone. As for their personal accounts, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso have empty Instagram pages as well. While for Axwell, though his profile picture does show pitch-black, most of his posts are still up. 

Notably, Axwell was the only one absent in the shot. Angello and Ingrosso both posed for the snapshot, with the former even wearing a Mexican-style wrestling mask. Is it a possible sign of what’s to come or was it just a cheeky move from the DJ? Meanwhile, instead of Axwell, fellow Swedish producer Magnus Lidehäll showed up instead. It looks like whatever it is these artists are cooking up, it’s going to be big. Most of the DJs involved are industry heavyweights in their own rights. Such collaboration will inevitably receive massive attention around the world, particularly from EDM fans!  Ever since reuniting last year at Ultra Miami 2018, Swedish House Mafia has been taking over the scene. After going on hiatus for five years, fans wanted more and more from the EDM trio from their surprise reunion. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailings either. For one thing, there have been numerous times that they didn’t make it to their gigs because of all sorts of problems. For instance, due to passport issues, Ingrosso wasn’t able to play at his XS Las Vegas gig with Steve Angello. On the day there were supposed to go on, the trio had to cancel their gig in Ultra Korea. To this day, they still haven’t released any reason for this. 

Still, despite these dilemmas, Swedish House Mafia still stands unstoppable in the EDM game. And the mere fact that they’re going to work with Mike Dean is a testament to that. Dean has held a prolific career in music for many years now. He has worked with a lot of industry greats, such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, and more. Swedish House Mafia is in good company right there! What do you think of this new collaboration? Are you excited about this upcoming collaboration between Swedish House Mafia and Mike Dean? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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