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EDM fans, look out! There are two new tracks to dance two coming from two of the hottest DJs in the scene right now. Diplo & Born Dirty recently dropped “Samba Sujo,” a house track that plays on Brazilian beats. And the latter went solo in releasing “Ouro,” a more rave-ready single that’s banging! 

Listen to Diplo & Born Dirty’s “Samsa Sujo” track below:

If “Samba Sujo” sounds familiar, it’s because the track is a remix of Alfredo Del-Penho‘s 2015 single of the same name. This reworking actually starts seemingly standard, with Del-Penho’s strong vocals introducing track as a choir of background singers repeat his verse. But by the 00:35 mark, the two DJ’s electric beats start to kick in. Working with what sounds like autotuned animal sounds, the single touches on Brazil’s energetic samba culture. As the song rises and drops, it’s easy for listeners to feel and imagine as if they’re dancing in a culture-heavy dance party in the middle of the Amazon forest. 

Perhaps one of the great things about this ‘remix’ is that Del-Penho’s native energy wasn’t drowned out by the EDM touch. You can still clearly his smooth yet stern vocals, as well as those of his back-up singers, even as the different melodies mesh together. And surprisingly, the track sounds relatively tame compared to what Diplo has worked on in the past. The DJ has long played with Brazilian beats, especially with his side-group, Major Lazer. But under that project, his tracks tend to sound a lot more aggressive and fiercer. “Samba Sujo,” on the other hand, sounds comparatively calmer and joyful without sacrificing its party attitude. 

Listen to Born Dirty’s “Ouro” track below: 

Meanwhile, for Born Dirty’s solo release, “Ouro,” sounds like your standard EDM track. Though it slightly evokes a modern disco feel to it, it still packs in a strong party punch that fits any nightclub today. The pitch stays high most of the song. It’s seemingly a slight nudge to the Brazilian beats that he and Diplo worked on together for “Samba Sujo”. But here, there are no vocals involved. Most of the track consists of the strong high-pitch beats and consistent melodies that will simply lead practically anyone to the dancefloor. And, also similarly to “Samba Sujo,” the overall vibe sounds more or less relaxed and cool. 

Both tracks serve as the first two releases to ever come from Diplo’s new music label, Higher Ground. Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr., announced this new venture last August. Since then, he might have stayed busy with other projects, hence he hasn’t released any original material through the label until now. Born Dirty, whose real name is Mika Abadie, shared that he feels excited that Pentz chose him as one of his first collaborators for under the label. “Truly excited about what I did with Wes on this one and how it resonates at shows!” he relayed.  Both “Samba Sujo” and “Ouro” are out now on various music-streaming platforms online. They include Spotify, Apple Music, and possibly in YouTube’s new Music app as well. Share your thoughts and reactions on the singles in our comments section below!  

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