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Fresh off of dropping his seventh album, “Balance,” Armin van Buuren announced that he plans to hold a special solo show next year. Entitled “This Is Me,” the two-day rave will look into the Dutch DJ’s evolution as a trance legend and becoming one of the biggest names in EDM today.  “Every song I make teaches me something new. Informed by years of experience as a producer, it’s an honest story of venturing into known and unknown territories, finding balance in between. At this point, it’s time to tell you my whole story. All of it: all of those different things that made me learn and grow as a person. This is what I want to create, and there’s no one I’d rather share my story with than all of you. I’m Armin van Buuren, and This Is Me!” shared van Buuren in an official statement. From this alone, it seems that the show will feature various tracks from the producer’s long career. 

Fans can expect a ‘greatest hits’ of sorts from perhaps one of the prolific DJs in the game right now. It’s a different and unique approach, especially for someone who just released a new album. Usually, when artists drop new records, they go on tour promoting that particular release. But by the looks of it, van Buuren intends to highlight his entire career in “This Is Me”. It’s also possible that the Dutch DJ will also feature tracks from his alter ego, Gaia. Most especially since he also unveiled new material under the side project since earlier this year.  The producer’s more devoted followers will understand why van Buuren suddenly announced to hold these two shows. In recent months, the EDM star has grown personal in sharing his own views on his career. He has also started confessing more about his own struggles as an artist. Following the untimely death of his colleague, Avicii, last year, the industry has opened up more about the topic of mental health. van Buuren is one of many who’s become more vocal about their own mental health struggles. “I still want to please every fan. Every fan is important to me. I can’t stand it when one fan says he didn’t like it at all. Somewhere it is also good because that also triggers you to get better and there is always some truth in it.” he shared in a recent interview. 

Ultimately, to amp up the hype for this show, van Buuren went on Twitter to release a trailer for it. “The moment we’ve all been waiting for… I’m very proud to announce my brand new, one-time-only show: This Is Me on 21 & 22 May 2020 in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Subscribe before 21 November to get access to the pre-sale!” he captioned the tweet with. 

Armin van Buuren’s “This Is Me” show will take place on May 21 and 22, 2020 at the iconic Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. You can find out more and gain access to pre-sale by clicking here. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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