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Another single, another step closer to the album. Major Lazer has been having quite a year this 2019. With the announcement of their impending disbandment, the famous EDM trio has stayed busy releasing hit after hit. This past weekend, they dropped their latest single, “Evapora,” featuring Brazilian singer IZA and R&B superstar Ciara

Watch the music video for “Evapora” below:

Touching on Diplo‘s current style and quirk, the video conveyed a sort of old-school Western feel to it. It began with the three producers walking through a sun-kissed desert. All dressed in black, their expressions suggest that they’re either in need of help or they sense that danger is afoot. As the title sequence officially starts the music video, the camera then pans out to present IZA and her back-up dancers. Looking sexy in a multi-colored cut-out bodysuit, the Brazilian diva struts her way to center stage, ready to spit out the song’s first verse, which is in her native tongue of Portuguese. 

A second shot reveals Major Lazer and their featured artists lounging by the dessert. The two songstresses look ravishing in their equally sexy Western-inspired outfits. While the DJs seduce in their rose-tinted takes on Cowboy style right next to them. As IZA goes on with her part, she’s then showed lounging in some hot springs wearing a crystallized headpiece. She splashes about in it while interspersed with scenes of her dancing with her army of scantily-clad Amazonas. Without a moment’s notice, Ciara then steals the spotlight with her English verse. The song is one of the very few EDM tracks that feature the singer. Most of the time she’s singing shows her in that group shot with IZA and Major Lazer. She herself looks sexy in her hot pink string bikini, a matching cowboy hat, and crocodile-skin boots. A sash of fuschia chiffon billows in the wind as she seduces the camera and the others pose and dance around her. But then, the next shots feature her looking totally different. Set at nighttime, both singers don ornate accessories and 80s-inspired outfits while they continue on with the song. They raise the temperature, even more, when they dance provocatively in matching silver chainmail and sequinned outfits inside a glass cube-like structure. 

Ultimately, “Evapora” serves as the trio’s fourth single in their highly-anticipated fourth album, “Lazerism”. Widely recognized as their final release, the record has gone through some major changes in the past two years. Perhaps the most newsworthy of them all was Jillionaire‘s exit from the group. The Trinidadian DJ surprised fans when he abruptly decided to pursue solo activities in the middle of preparing the album. Texas-based producer Ape Drums subsequently replaced him, who was also more prominent here as compared to previous music videos. And of course, there’s changing the name from “Music Is The Weapon” to “Lazerism”.  As of now, there’s still no official release date for “Lazerism”. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. Also, share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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