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Tomorrowland just keeps the party going! There seems to be no end to their 15th-anniversary celebration. Earlier this year, the EDM festival introduced ‘One World Radio,’ in honor of their milestone year. But due to the tremendous success the platform had received over the past few months, they’re now making it permanent.  One World Radio initially started as a standard radio station that featured the very best in EDM. It usually offered exclusive tracks, mixes, and sets that defined the festival’s colorful 15-year history. Supposedly, the show was slated for just temporary broadcasting; a one-off project to mark the annual event’s 15th year. But having garnered 12.3 million listeners worldwide, the festival decided to make it a permanent fixture. Unsurprisingly, the platform is still going strong even months after Tomorrowland’s annual edition back in July. Such success stands testament to both the festival’s power in the EDM game and the devotion of fans to the platform. 

“Tomorrowland One World Radio is an incredibly important project for Tomorrowland. During the festival weekends, millions of people around the world tune in to our live-stream and the numbers keep growing each year. By launching this content project, on the occasion of our 15th anniversary, from now on we’ll be able to offer a way to connect with the Tomorrowland community daily, and we’ll adapt our programming and music to the time of day. With unique content and mixes that you won’t hear anywhere else, combined with the absolute highlights from 15 years of Tomorrowland history.” shared the festival when they first launched the platform last February.  At the time, the likes of Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren helped catapult the station into the EDM mainstream. “Besides DJ-ing and shows, I love to create radio.” Van Buuren said at the time. “It’s fantastic that I’ll get to appear every Friday now on Tomorrowland One World Radio with my own Weekend Mix,”. Simultaneously with its first few broadcasts, the station also featured their “The One World Radio Top 30” show. A weekend program, it presented the top 30 most popular EDM hits as selected by the People of Tomorrow. Australian EDM sister duo Nervo hosted the show. Ultimately, they will continue to do so as the station continues on as a permanent platform. 

Another exciting show fans can expect is MC Stretch‘s “Relive the Madness,”. Here, he handpicks his favorite live moments throughout the festival more than decade-long history. Meanwhile, another show, “Tomorrowland Friendship Mix,” seeks to invite various DJs and producers to contribute guest mixes to play live. This program will run every Thursday evening. 

“One World Radio is an incredibly important and refreshing project. We are very happy that Tomorrowland is continuing with its own radio and content platform because it allows fans around the world to connect with Tomorrowland on a daily basis.” relayed Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The festival chose the Belgian DJ duo to headline their “Garden of Madness” tour which started earlier this month and will end next month right before Christmas.  You can stream Tomorrowland’s One World Radio by downloading its own app, available now in the Apple Store and Google Play for Android users. You can also stream it via the festival’s official YouTube Channel. 

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