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What are the boys of Swedish House Mafia up to? That’s what the world wants to know right now. The EDM trio mysteriously shut down their Instagram accounts this past weekend. Their accounts are still up, but their feeds and stories are all gone. This can only mean two things. One: they might have disbanded again. Or two: they’re up to something new.  It started back last Friday when members Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso. As of this writing, both members’ Instagram accounts remain empty. Even despite having 1.3 million and 1.2 million followers respectively. Eventually, the group’s official account had also been wiped off its many posts. Currently, all accounts have black profile images. And as of now, Axwell remains the only member to have his Instagram posts still up. He last posted an anniversary tribute to his wife, Golnar-Gloria Haghpasand, whom he married last 2012. Not even any of his other recent posts suggest what the trio might be planning this time around. They all just show snapshots of their previous performances. 

The last time the group exhibited this sort of mysterious social media activity was back in early 2018. Little did fans know, that “blackout” signaled the trio’s reunion after a five-year hiatus. They held their first performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami that year. Since then, the EDM superstars had been strong fixtures in various festivals and events. Even though the members remained active in the scene separately, their surprise reunion caught everyone off guard and excited their fan base. As a result, between 2018 to 2019, Swedish House Mafia became some of the most in-demand acts in the game.  Ultimately, the group is no stranger to teasing their fans through social media. Just recently, Axwell may have hinted that the group might go on a North American tour soon. In a recent post about their set at Frequency Festival in Austria last August, a fan asked the group when they plan on touring America as part of their reunion. The ‘SHM’ member subsequently replied ‘Yes!” prompting headlines to suggest that such a tour might actually be on the horizon. However, neither Axwell nor his fellow members have followed that up with further details. It’s possible that his reply might simply be a slip form the Swedish DJ. 

But in other ‘SHM’ news, former member Eric Prydz confessed that leaving the group was the best thing for all of them. In an interview with Beats1‘s Zane Lowe, he explained, “I was definitely part of that, and the name Swedish House Mafia was there then. I do think that the best thing that could have happened was what happened, which was Eric was removed and moved to London because my music and the way that I look at music was quite different from what they liked. I think I would have just held the whole thing back, and I’m so proud of them.”.  What do you think the group’s social media blackout might mean? Will they finally announce their long-rumored and ‘almost-confirmed’ tour? Or will they go on hiatus again? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below. You can also stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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