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Just when you thought Tomorrowland‘s 15th-anniversary celebrations were over, they surprise with a brand new collaboration. The world-renowned festival teamed up with Cuban distillery Havana Club to release a limited-edition rum called “Havana Club TML XV“. They initially released it during their recent 2019 edition last July, but now, the bottles are available to the public as well.   “Created by acclaimed Master of Cuban Rum, Asbel Morales, in collaboration with the creative minds behind Tomorrowland, this new super-premium rum is a tribute to the unique, celebratory atmosphere of the festival and the vibrant energy from the streets of Havana.” said the product’s website. They also shared that they aged the beverage’s bases for about 12-40 years, allowing only limited 2,000 bottles. “Crafted from a unique blend of the finest rums in Cuba, the bases in Havana Club TMLXV have been aged for a minimum of 12 years and up to 40 years in casks that are 60 years old. The result is an extremely rare, limited edition release of just 2,000 bottles that were first revealed at the Tomorrowland festival in July.” the website also stated. 

This means that customers can expect a strong kick with every sip. It will feel like the strong beats of the DJs in the festivals. However, the website also noted that the beverage will also contain a sweet tang. “The complex, dark rum can be enjoyed neat or with ice to highlight the richness of its flavors, including aromas of sweet tobacco, vanilla, butter toffee, caramelized tropical fruits, cinnamon, and other dark spices.” relayed Asbel Morales, the drink’s premier crafter. While this is a first for the festival, collaborations between the EDM and alcohol industries are more common than one may think. The most recent of such is that of Major Lazer and Bacardi. Just last June, the collaboration saw a new single from the EDM trio called “Make It Hot“. It featured Brazilian singer Anitta. The music video for it served as a commercial of sorts, heavily featuring the drink’s iconic bottles. “Make It Hot” serves as the second single the group had released for Bacardi. Last year, they dropped “Front Of The Line,” which itself had its own music video. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that EDM fans are some of the most alcohol-friendly crowds in festivals. YourEDM presented a study which relayed that EDM fans get intoxicated the most during festivals. “EDM shows up in the top three for all the drugs studied here: alcohol, marijuana, MDMA, hallucinogens, cocaine, and opioids (except for benzodiazepines).” the website shared. The alcohol industry knows that listeners of EDM are some of their most passionate target markets. Such collaborations with industry professionals and entities help strengthen their stronghold with fans. However, the website also noted fans need not to consume alcohol when enjoying EDM festivals.  Tomorrowland’s 2020 edition will run from July 17 to 29, 2020. For now, they haven’t revealed who their headliners will be. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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