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Halloween is this week, which means you probably have a ton of parties to go to. On the flip side, you also have to think up of different costumes for each one. Or think up a great one that’ll help you make an impact in each and every party you’ll go to. 

But what should you go as? Something scary? A sexy version of an otherwise normal profession? Why not take inspiration from your favorite Netflix shows? Here are the easiest to copy for your Halloween needs. 

Queen Elizabeth II from “The Crown”

Forget the sexy and scary costumes that probably everybody else will turn up in. This year, go for a more regal look as Queen Elizabeth II. And before you cover yourself made-up wrinkles, think again! Netflix’s “The Crown” chronicles the historic monarch’s younger years. Her first couple of years as the Queen of England. So you don’t have to cover up your smooth skin to look like the Queen today. In fact, all you’ll need is a white ball gown—take out your old prom dress to save money!—add a blue sash and tiara and you’re all set. And as a pro-top, watch a little bit of “The Princess Diaries” to perfect your Royal wave! 

Crazy Eyes  from “Orange Is The New Black”

The show that helped start it all: “Orange Is The New Black“. Or, to shorten it up, “OITNM”. Netflix stans can’t deny that this prison-set dramedy about a group of female convicts practically catapulted the streaming platform into greater heights. And among this merry group of characters, ol’ Crazy Eyes remain one of the most iconic. Not only through her wackiness on-screen, but through her iconic look too. Now, this is a costume reserved especially for your curly-haired people. tie your curls into multiple short braids and you’re good to go. As for what you’ll wear, a long-sleeved grey flannel shirt under matching beige separates will do the trick! 

Payton Hobart from “The Politician”

If you haven’t seen “The Politician,” you’re so missing out! It’s one of the best new shows on Netflix right now. The series follows Payton Hobart as an ambitious high schooler whose life is centered around only one thing: becoming president. First, the president of his high school’s student body The next, president of the United States of America. Fortunately for him, he’s loaded enough to always dress like a politician. While he has a lot of great outfits to choose from, his monochromatic crimson three-piece suit is the easiest to imitate.  A stylishly presidential look if there ever was one. Just don’t forget the campaign buttons! 

Zoya The Destroya from “GLOW”

If you can’t help but prefer to wear something sexy to show off what God gave you, you can always look to “GLOW” for your costume inspo. From Liberty Belle to Britannica, the show features a litany of sexy wrestler outfits just rife for copying for Halloween. But perhaps one of the more interesting choices would be Zoya The Destroya. It has a sinister-enough look that might seem scary, but really, it’s all about the sexiness. A shimmering burgundy bodysuit (or a minidress can look good too), a furry Russian hat, and a mile-high teased-up hairstyle will all do. Dark make-up will just seal the deal. 

The Criminals of “Money Heist”

And finally, possibly the easiest and the most iconic inspo on this list: the Salvador Dali look from “Money Heist“. This look is so easy to copy, you probably do it every day and you weren’t aware of it. Just wear a red hoodie (preferably with matching pants) and a Salvador Dali mask and you’re done. You can even bring a toy machine gun as the icing on your Halloween cake. Sure, you might see a lot of other people going for this costume too, but when you do, at least you can form your own gang of “Money Heist” fans. 

The next time you’re ‘Netflix and chilling,’ try to see what looks stand out to you. You never know, your next Halloween costume might just come from it! 

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