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It’s finally here! After months of speculating and promoting, Armin van Buuren has dropped his seventh studio album, “Balance”. The 28-track double-sided record offers a meticulous glimpse into van Buuren’s EDM artistry through the years. As well as, he hopes, a look into the future. It looks like the Dutch DJ will excite fans once more with brand new sets! 

Stream Armin van Buuren’s “Balance” album below: 


Even before he released it, “Balance” already seemed extra special for van Buuren. He took various unorthodox techniques in order to promote it. They weren’t your standard teasers and trailers. Van Buuren went way beyond outside the box to let people anticipate this one-of-a-kind release. For one thing, he featured an escape room during the recently-concluded Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 festival. The attraction had a “Balance” theme to it, where teams will have to find the “secret” to van Buuren’s success. The escape room was said to be a hit during the festival. 

And just recently, the Dutch DJ also collaborated with various artists around the world to create exciting murals in celebration of his latest album. They include Solteroarte, HoxxoH, and Mr. June. Their respective artworks represent the core values and personal stories that Van Buuren incorporated in the album. Consequently, the three murals can be found in three different major cities. Fans can see the first one in New York City, USA. The second one stands just south of that in Mexico City, Mexico. And, of course, the last one resides in the capital of the DJ’s home country, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. “This creative journey gives me the energy to do what I do, to keep going, and that message has been perfectly translated into the stunning murals in Mexico City, New York, and Amsterdam,” said Van Buuren. In an official statement, he also shared more about the album. “Every song I make teaches me something new, and the next song is always a result of all my previous records, the new things I learned and the people I met. Over the years, this process – and especially the fun of creating – became more and more important to me. It’s a journey that gives me meaning and helps me learn more about my personal interests rather than focus on the recognition I get for the outcome. That’s the big difference between who I am today and who I was a few years ago. Balance is a new chapter in my book of life, the result of venturing into known and unknown territories while finding the balance in between.” he relayed. 

Stream Armin van Buuren’s “Balance” album now on various streaming platforms online. They include Spotify, Apple Music, and many others. Share your thoughts and reactions on the record in our comments section below! Image Credits:

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