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After weeks of speculation, Kanye West finally drops his long-awaited “Jesus Is King” album. Fans have long anticipated the record, wondering what gospel music will sound like coming from one of hip hop’s most prolific artists. West had already previewed the album in his many ‘Sunday Service‘ sessions through the year, but his album revealed more. 

Listen to Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” album below:


Purportedly letting go of secular music, “Jesus Is King” lends its listeners West’s new philosophy of surrendering oneself to God. For one thing, the record featured stark minimalism unheard of before in West’s works. There are less to no extra synths, beats are all in check, and most of the background noise consists of choirs’ hallelujahs. This was what many critics found most different about this release. That and the uncomfortably fast pacing of the entire album. Most of the tracks feature less than 3 minutes, and in those times, not all are dominated by West’s rhymes. While his message had gone simple, his method didn’t have to go simplistic too. 

In a nutshell, most music critics panned “Jesus Is King”. They all noted the ludicrousy West’s abrupt attitude and genre change. They also felt that the records, itself, feels half-finished and rushed. “Like many great rock stars before him, Kanye West has cranked up God’s jukebox. ‘Jesus Is King’ lacks his trademark goofball sense of humor, but that’s partly compensated for with warmth and hope for the future” wrote Jordan Bassett of NME.com. “The album is West’s second-shortest, his least percussive, and his first to feature absolutely no swearing. It’s also not very good. But the degree to which it’s still worth listening to depends entirely on your relationship to Kanye.” argued Variety‘s Andrew BarkerWhether the rapper cares about such criticisms remain to be seen. However, that’s not stopping him from moving forward with his Evangelistic narrative. Following “Jesus Is King,” West has purportedly started working on an upcoming release, “Jesus Is Born,” for Christmas. “Sunday Service album, Jesus Is Born, on Christmas is coming,” the rapper shared during a Beats1 interview. Though he has yet to reveal more about it, fans are already speculating that it won’t sound like an ordinary Christmas carol album. And West has yet to even share if the record will even be holiday-inspired. 

Meanwhile, fans are raving about the album on Twitter. The moment it officially came out, the record trended on Twitter. Most users noted on West’s religious turn and highly unusual it all was. While others made use of memes to express what they really feel about the album. For instance, user Priscilla (@PriscillaaXiv) posted a picture of “The Simpsons” character Ned Flanders with the caption, “Me after listening to a Kanye’s new album🙏❤️ #jesusisking,”. CNN political analyst Alstead Wesley (@AlsteadWesley), on the other hand, commented, “kanye makes gospel music for that one family in every church who only gets religous on easter, christmas, and when someone is facing a court case”. 

What do you think of Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” album? Did it meet your expectations? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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