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It looks like Martin Garrix just got the biggest project of his career. The UEFA Euro league just hired the 23-year-old DJ to mix their new soundtrack for their upcoming 2020 series.  Garrix even announced the news on Twitter, claiming how important this new gig is to him. And seemed really excited about it. 

“Biggest project I’ve done in my life.. excited for you all to hear it. http://euro2020.com/MG  #jointhepeople #euro2020 @UEFAEURO” tweeted the young producer. Additionally, he also released a statement, noting the significance of the job in both his personal and professional lives. “It’s crazy to think that UEFA EURO 2020 will be held across 12 different cities, but it’s the perfect way to celebrate 60 years of this incredible competition. Music is my passion, but I’m also a huge football fan, so it’s extra special for me to be able to create the official song for what will be the biggest EURO in history.” shared Garrix. 

Not only will Garrix create the official anthem for next year’s competition, but he will also mix the walkout song for each game. This possibly means that he will make more than one new track for the league. The Europe-based tournament also announced that they’re hosting a meet-and-greet for Garrix’s fans on November 30, 2019. It will coincide with their announcement of the official teams who will qualify for the league’s 2020 championship. Furthermore, Garrix joins a prestigious list of artists who’ve crafted the league’s theme songs through the years. They include fellow producers Rollo Armstrong & David Guetta, and singer Nelly FurtadoFor now, as the qualifying matches get underway, there’s no word yet that Garrix has completed the track/s. Now has he relayed the artist/s who will provide the vocals for the upcoming theme song. Fans will have to be patient as the forthcoming single won’t come out until the spring of next year. Though there are talks that he might tease it on the November 30 event, there’s still no confirmation for such news. As of this writing, the release date for the theme song will be on the first day of the 2020 series, which is on June 12, 2020. 

Apart from Twitter, the young EDM star also announced his new gig during his set at this past weekend’s Amsterdam Dance Event festival. At the time, he also debuted a new stage during the event, “The Ether”. He introduced his new live show at the RAI Amsterdam convention center, where he has performed solo before. During his set, however, fellow EDM heavyweights Tiësto and David Guetta joined him on stage for a back-to-back set. “If it wasn’t for these two guys, I wouldn’t be making music,” the young DJ later shared. He’s long praised both veteran producers and referred to them as his mentors.  What do you think about Martin Garrix’s new gig? Are you excited to hear what he’ll come up with for the UEFA Euro 2020 championship league? Do you think he’s ready for this big a gig? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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