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What do you get when you combine two top Asian acts together in a music video? Absolute pandemonium! Joji and Jackson Wang recently teamed up for 88rising‘s new track, “Walking,” which also featured EDM trio Major Lazer and rapper Swae Lee. And their music video looks just as fun as the single! 

Watch the music video for “Walking” below:

Taking its cinematic cues from the original “Godzilla” film from Japan, Joji stars as a giant lobster-like creature wreaking havoc. He seems to be looking for the girl he loves, and in the process, has terrorized the fictional city of ‘Wang Town’. Jackson Wang, on the other hand, stars as a Bruce Wayne-like character: a dashing gentleman by day with a secret identity as a superhero. When Joji peeks into a building, he sees his lady in Wang’s arms, causing him to become emotional and further destroy the vintage-inspired metropolis setting. He steps on a taxi with a passenger inside and breaks the buildings in his path. 

Wang sees the chaos and, pressing a secret button, transforms his building into a fighting robot. He controls the robot from the inside, very similar to that of another Japanese classic, the anime show “Voltes V“. A fight then ensues between the two gigantic figures. Joji’s claws first get the upper-hand, causing Wang to almost fall from his control seat inside. But as the latter blocks the lobster’s attack, he gives it a huge punch, knocking him down to the ground.   As the townsfolk laugh at the fallen Joji, Wang remembers the time when he was knocked down by his own childhood bullies. Feeling empathetic and sorry for the fallen creature, he reaches out to help him. The two giant figures then shake hands and embrace, ending the fight and chaos. The video then transitions to a behind-the-scenes montage of both Joji and Wang playfully enacting their “fight scenes”. 

“Walking” serves as one of 88rising’s newest singles off of their latest collaborative album, “Head In The Clouds II”. The music video reunited Joji with UK-based director Eoin Glaister, whom he worked with for his “Sanctuary” video. In “Walking,” both the artist and the director continue thair Japanese-influenced sci-fi approach. 

This time, however, the pop-culture nod obviously alludes to “Godzilla” and a little bit of “Voltes V”. Although many have mistaken Joji’s character as a giant lobster, the Japanese singer claims he isn’t. “For those wondering, I was a fucking Amphipod, not a lobster. Don’t even associate me with that class, I don’t fuck with the genus Symbion like that I don’t even rep them.” he shared in an Instagram post. 

What do you think of the new “Walking” music video? Were you entertained by the concept and the nods to classic Japanese pop culture icons? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!

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