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This past weekend saw one of the most consequential EDM events of the year: ADE 2019. The annual festival not only holds a standard series of raves with some of the biggest DJs in the world. But they also set up forums and discussions, as well as other attractions, related to the genre. Here are what went down at this year’s edition. 

Amsterdam Transformed into a Big Nightclub

A keyword in this festival’s name is the first word: Amsterdam. And this past weekend, the European city essentially transformed into a nightclub. From unused factories to open museums, DJs went for unorthodox locations to play their sets at. Boys Noize, for instance, played in the lobby of a gothic-style museum. The contrast between traditional architecture and his modern music felt stark and strong. Tchami and Malaa, on the other hand, performed their sets at train stations. While the rest of the big-named headliners went for wharf docks, old milk factories, and the like. Clearly, an arena has become passe when it comes to ADE. 

Different EDM Sounds Dominated the Event

EDM does not sound monotone. Similarly to others in the music industry, this genre has also evolved through time and with the help of various artists. Such a notion was put to the forefront at ADE this year, as DJs presented their diverse takes on EDM in their sets. For example, DJs Axel Boman and DJ Tennis put groovy disco spins during their own performances. Their 70s/80s-esque vibes gave new life to the festival. Meanwhile, DJ Seinfeld went for a different era, the 90s, for his underground-inspired set this past weekend. At the same time, 2manydjs gave a punk-filled rave during this edition. 

People Were Pepper-sprayed

In the rather unpleasant side of things, some attendees got pickpocketed in the most awful way. During Martin Garrix‘s electric set, pickpockets pepper-sprayed fans in order to steal money, gadgets, and other things. As the victims get distracted by the spray, the criminals go for the attack. It’s become one of the more violent and extremely awful techniques that pickpockets now use to victimize attendees in EDM festivals. In response to this, Garrix expressed his shock of what happened and found it “incomprehensible that there are people who do this kind of thing,”. He also promised that he and his team will now stay “committed to ensuring the safety of all visitors.”.

Hardwell Possibly Performed as ‘Mr. X’

And in one of the more perplexing news, Hardwell may have ended his hiatus with a set during ADE. However, fans can understandably feel confused about it as the Dutch DJ performed under a new alias, ‘Mr. X‘. During Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s set last Friday, a mysterious Mr. X dressed fully-covered with only his eyes popping out, played techno music. Soon after, a thread in Reddit appeared where users discussed the possibility that Mr. X might actually be Hardwell. For now, the DJ has not commented on the rumors.  Now, fans are already anticipating ADE 2020 next year. The forthcoming edition will celebrate the event’s 25th anniversary since beginning in 1995. Stay tuned on this space for more updates.

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