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With all the scalping going on with festival tickets, Primavera Sound just made sure theirs will be protected. They recently partnered up with the ticketing platform Dice to help issue mobile tickets from now on. Hitting two birds with one stone. the festival seeks to lessen the opportunity for scalpers to get tickets and the paperless route helps the environment as well.  Ultimately, this new partnership will cover all of their editions in Europe, including their standard festival in Barcelona and their ‘Nos Primavera Sound‘ event in Porto, Portugal. Even their tours and nightclub events will make use of this new paperless ticketing method. “Our team has been selling tickets for festivals, concerts and clubs for three decades and Primavera Sound is now coming up to its 20th anniversary. Selling tickets is a fundamental part of everything we do, and what we have seen at Dice makes their platform the best option both for our festivals and our events. Top security features for the fan and the promoter, fantastic user experience, dedicated customer service and the elimination of the use of paper in the process make Dice the perfect ticketing partner for the years to come.” explained Pablo Soler, Primavera Sound founder. 

The partnership comes at the advent of the festival’s 20th-anniversary, which they’ll celebrate in their upcoming 2020 edition. With it, Dice intends to make the festival’s ticketing much more private. It will directly give them to people’s mobile phones upon online purchase. The big twist here, however, is that the ticket will only appear on their devices just a few hours before the said event. Such privatization prevents scalpers to duplicate and plagiarize tickets to sell to other customers.  Additionally, Dice CEO Phil Hutcheon also issued a statement regarding this new partnership, saying, “We looked at all the problems of ticketing and fixed them from a fan’s perspective. When artists and promoters use Dice, tickets don’t end up on the secondary market. We make it super easy for fans to buy and we use our data to help fans discover amazing events. A third of our sales now come via the Dice recommendation engine.”. As of this writing, fans can now save and reserve tickets for Primavera Sound’s 2020 festival on their website. 

Furthermore, this new endeavor contributes to the festival’s new vision for a more environmentally-sustainable annual event. The use of a paperless ticketing method lessens the risk of more pollution and waste of all sorts of resources. Back in 2015, Primavera Sound also adapted the UN’s SDG Action Campaign. Among other things, it seeks to protect the planet. Now, their festival has imposed rules such as replacing single-use plastics to using reusable cups instead. Doing so ensures that each edition ends with a cleaner venue. They also instituted bottle recycling banks around the venue, insisting to attendees to save their plastic containers instead of simply throwing them.  Primavera Sound 2020 will run from June 4 to 6, 2020 in Barcelona. For now, they have not announced any headliners for next year’s lineup. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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