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Scenic seasides, sexy slumber parties, and hot Harleys—these were what made Katy Perry and her latest music video such a visual feast. She just released her latest single, “Harleys in Hawaii” and in it, she’s going back to her sultry roots. The video is also comparatively sexier and more mature than her last releases in the past few months. 

Watch Katy Perry’s “Harleys in Hawaii” music video below:

The intro to the video starts with Perry on a Harley, riding through the scenic roads of Hawaii. Looking cool in a leather jacket and sleek aviators, the singer sports a strong and confident look. She then starts the song off almost fully-submerged in water with big pink flowers in her hair and fully red lips. Cut back to her Harley story, a few other riders follow the pop star to a nearby diner, including her love interest in the video. She enters the establishment while a fight ensues but gives no mind to it. She even just drinks her beverage while laughing at the whole situation. 

Being the scene-stealer that she is, she gets the mic from the karaoke stage and sings out the chorus. “You and I-I. Riding Harleys in Hawaii-ai. I’m on the back, I’m holding tight. Want you to take me for a ride, ride. When I hula-ula, hula. So good you’ll take me to the jeweler, jeweler, jeweler. There’s pink and purple in the sky-y, ay. We’re riding Harleys in Hawaii-ai-ai,” she sings. The video then cuts to her and two other girls on the beach looking on to the sea while others play about in it. The camera zooms to her shades where it reveals she’s watching a pair of lovers hugging it out.  The second chorus features Perry and her girl squad having fun and rather disruptive slumber party in a motel. Her two friends dance around while she lays down in her bed eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. She then throws her friend one, who’s playing a hula hoop by her side. She also smashes a guitar on the floor for some reason. Interspersed within this sequence are shots of Perry fully submerged in water, blowing kisses and looking seductively into the camera. Not before long, a montage ensues with the pop star and her bearded love interest making love on a bed and riding together on a Harley. 

In a previous interview, Perry shared more about how the single came about. She revealed that she got inspired by when she and husband Orlando Bloom went to Hawaii together. “We rented a Harley because we were just there for a few days… You know, be on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii and just let the airflow on your face. It’s so beautiful. It was awesome! But I can remember specifically where I was, the street corner I was at in Oahu and turning that corner and whispering to Orlando, going “I’m going to write a song called ‘Harleys In Hawaii.'”.  For now, there’s still no word if Katy Perry will eventually release a new album. This is her third single in a span of a few months, and it’s starting to look like she’s gearing up for a big release soon. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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