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G-Eazy packed in a cinematic punch with his latest music video. Alongside Gunna, the rappers go on a bank heist, complete with car chases, twerking girls, boatloads of cash, and more. It’s perhaps one of his more cinematic videos to date, with complete with action and visuals that can rival even that of the “Fast & Furious” franchise. 

Watch G-Eazy’s “I Wanna Rock” music video below:

The video starts with G-Eazy being wheeled into a mental facility. He spends most of his first verse alone in a small clinic, overtaken by all sorts of hallucinations. Then, a sexy nurse appears to examine him. As hard as the nurse tries to do her job, G-Eazy stares and seduces her with his swag. Additionally, interspersed with these scenes are solo shots of the rapper in all black rapping on a staircase railing. Eventually, he succeeds in turning the nurse to his side, who also discovers his plans to escape. She ultimately helps him escape the institution and becomes her partner-in-crime. 

They then become a Bonnie & Clyde-like pair, and along with a few other goons, they go on a risky heist. The scene cuts to two security guards transporting bags of money into an armed car. Two mysterious black figures on motorcycles intercept them and take them hostage. Once the guards were overtaken, a white van appears and out pops G-Eazy and his crew to take the money. After emptying the armed car, the nurse pulls up in a Lamborghini as the rapper’s getaway scheme. A thrilling car chase ensues all over the city, but eventually, the authorities never catch them.  After all that, in comes Gunna in the next scene. He sits like a king surrounded by scantily-clad women in what seems like an underground gentlemen’s club. G-Eazy and his girl enter, throwing money around as if it was confetti. It looks like the rapper was giving the loot to Gunna, who might have hired him to commit the crime in the first place. They continue to throw the money around as strippers and pole dancers give them lap dances. They all twerk their behinds around them as they spit out their verses. Ultimately, the video ends with a hot of both hip hop artists on the street. 

Some fans might be sharp enough to notice that one of the rapper’s rhymes seemingly throws shade at his ex-girlfriend, Halsey. “Not a one-hit-wonder, this is why I’m hot. No Limit, all I got is Me, Myself & I. When we said it’s her and I, that shit was a lie,” he rapped. His on-and-off-again relationship with the singer was his most high-profile. It ultimately ended for good in July of 2018, and the “Without Me” singer has even released a few songs about it since then. She also referred to him as the “sh**ty dude ” she dated, which may have prompted the rapper to slightly diss her on this track.  For now, there’s no word if “I Wanna Rock” will be included in G-Eazy’s upcoming album “These Things Happen Too”. This single serves as his latest release since he dropped his “B Sides” EP last month. Stay tuned on this space for more updates! 

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