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You can’t stop Bebe Rexha! And according to her latest music video, she has no plans to stop neither. The pop star just unveiled an empowering music video for her latest single, “You Can’t Stop The Girl”. She released it in anticipation of Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” starring Angeline Jolie and Elle Fanning

Watch Bebe Rexha’s “You Can Stop The Girl” music video below:

The video starts with Rexha preparing to go on an afternoon run. “Oh, they tryna shoot down angels. They tryna pull their wings off. So they can’t fly. And oh, but she’s so brave though. Just like a tornado. She’s taking us by storm,” she sings. She starts running as red explosions fill the Downton Los Angeles air around her. Moments later, as the chorus goes on, she leads a marathon of women running on the streets. It’s a diverse group of empowered females, displaying different races, body types, and even cultural and religious identifiers. They run through a tunnel where Maleficent’s signature green smoke overtakes the shot. 

Throughout the video, scenes from both 2014’s “Maleficent” and this year’s sequel pop up. They begin establishing how the antihero got to know Princess Aurora and how both developed a mother-and-daughter-like relationship. Eventually, the sequel’s scenes come in, this time showing how Maleficent descended into her villainous roots attacking people around her. Meanwhile, back to Rexha, she is next seen wearing a black tiered ball gown with a matching headdress. She dances through a dimly-lit forest surrounded by fluttering butterflies. It looks similar to Maleficent’s home in the film series. And as the pop star stops on the edge of a waterfall, the scene fades back into the urban setting.  Notably, half of the video looks like a typical sportswear ad commercial. While the other half upholds the fairytale magic found in the upcoming film. But regardless of how different the two halves of the video may seem, both speak to an intrinsic message: the magic of women. The Angelina Jolie-led Disney film series has pivoted the focus of the fairytale from old-school romance to women-empowerment. In the first movie, instead of the Prince saving Elle Fanning’s Aurora, it’s Maleficent who brings her back to life. It’s she who becomes the new guardian of both the new young queen and the kingdom she presides over. 

In the sequel, however, based on the trailers, it looks like the idyllic happy ending has passed. Aurora accepts Prince Phillip’s marriage proposal and Maleficent joins the happy couple to meet his parents. Unfortunately for them, the Prince’s mother, Michelle Pfieffer‘s Queen Ingrid, seeks to wage a war against the humans. And in this conflict, Maleficent and Aurora suddenly see themselves on opposite sides. And to make matters even more grave, the winged fairy finds out that she is not alone in the world. She discovers that there are more winged creatures like her, and gets their help in battling Queen Ingrid’s army. As the war ensues, only time can tell if Aurora and Maleficent can still remain a family. 

Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil premieres on October 18, 2019. The film’s soundtrack will also drop soon after. Stay tuned on this space for more updates!

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