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Sweaty tattooed bodies, flowing sparkling shirts, and skin-to-skin dancing—these are what Harry Styles are using to define his new era in music. He just premiered his latest single, “Lights Up,” which proves that the former One Direction member is carving his own identity in the music industry. And it’s quite something! 

Watch Harry Styles’ music video for “Lights Up” below:

The video starts with a close-up shot of the British heartthrob, shirtless with his tattoos bare for all the world to see. Suddenly, he stands surrounded by equally naked or scantily clad youth, all converged together as if they were in a very tight club. As the song starts, girls around him start to caress his body, feeling and kissing him sensually, while others dance about. The scene then transitions to a red-lighted Styles in the middle of the sea, wearing an opened sparkling black jacket. 

Styles’ more sensual scene intermix with his solo shots, where he seems to be in miserable pain. He appears dressed in a pale blue (also similarly open) sequined shirt with matching suspenders and trousers. He frets about in an empty house. With his disheveled hair and slightly tattered clothes, it’s implied that the ruckus around him was of his own doing. It’s a far cry from when he’s surrounded by people, who seem to adore and worship him. The vibe grew increasingly sexual as the video goes on. Even guys that surround him also kiss and caress him, a not-so-subtle not to Styles’ own fluid sexuality.  The music video’s raw sensuality is likely to be a fixture in Styles’ future releases. Out of all the former One Direction members still active in music, he’s the one that has embraced modern sensibilities the most. The eruption of gender-fluidity, deconstruction of societal archetypes, and a nonchalant approach to sexuality. His former bandmates remain faithful to their heartthrob imagery, albeit more grown-up and rougher in some cases. But Styles has proven to be the most experimental. This applies both to his music and persona. He is no longer the cookie-cutter British lad that girls all around the world used to adore. 

Unsurprisingly, his latest music video is so risque it’s become a hot topic on social media. More than just the advent of new Harry Styles music, the British singer’s more aggressive approach to gender-fluidity and freer sexual expression has fans flustered and excited. Twitter user ashley (@spookyskywalker), for instance, tweeted, “HE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HE’S DOING TO US. @Harry_Styles #LightsUpOutNow”. She event tagged the pop star himself. User candi (@kissyimprint), on the other hand, posted, “can you believe harry styles made the sexiest music video to ever exist”. And user gal (@stranger_gals) excitedly exclaimed, “HARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YOU STEP INTO THAT BRIGHT ASS MOTHAFUCKIN LIGHT AND YOU FUCKIN STAY THERE YOU BEAUTIFUL BOY 😭♥️Shine on, Harry Styles, we’re so proud of you! #LightsUp”. There were more tweets like these ones when Styles initially released the music video. 

“Lights Up” serves the lead single off his upcoming second solo studio album. But as of this writing, he has yet to reveal the title of the release and its eventual release date. Stay tuned on this space for more updates. 

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