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During the capitals’ fashion weeks, the runways weren’t the only stages people were looking at in terms of finding out what’s trending and what’s not. In these few weeks of fashion shows, the streets are just as under scrutiny as the catwalks, maybe even more so. It is, after all, where the fashions truly do come alive. Beyond the facade of runway sets, spotlights and professional make-up, the trends designers put forth every season are worn on the street. And it’s there where people can determine which styles stuck and which were left behind-the-scenes.

For Fall 2019, these were the biggest trends that transitioned from runway to real-life during the Spring 2020 fashion weeks.

The Minimal Powersuit

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What makes an impact impactful? In this day and age, it’s when it’s strong and subtle. The fashionable women who watched the Spring 2020 shows last month realized this and went on to personify it through their suiting. Battling the busy streets of New York, Paris, and more in beige, they let their strong shapes and well-tailored silhouettes do the talking. Classic lines dominated the street style scene during those few weeks, with slight nods to masculine dressing but remaining as feminine and fun as ever. It took confidence to rock those startlingly simple suits, and maybe this is what this trend wants to put out this season! 

Bright Young Things

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Still, for the younger crowd, bright colors still reigned supreme. There’s just something about covering oneself in that highlighter hue that he/she knows will instantly attract attention. At the same time, it evokes a fun and flirty feel that’s youthful and energetic, even if the styles themselves are sort of old-school. This bright neon trend for fall, one that has moved beyond party and nightclub dressing and into everyday-wear, pushes the idea that life is as colorful as ever. That even in these troubling times, fun (fashion) is not only needed, it’s necessary! If it’s all doom and gloom, there’ll be nothing left to live for. 

Pattern Play

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While others think bright colors are enough, some are moving the maximalist needle forward with some interesting pattern play. Juxtaposed with the more sophisticated tailoring trend, it looks like this magpie style movement isn’t going anywhere yet. Especially seen during the Milan and London fashion weeks. Unsurprisingly, it was the youth that spearheaded the survival of this trend with their own mix of clashing and crazy prints. A rebellious and fashionable spirit that seems to take hold of every generation at some point. The fearlessness with mixing and matching was upfront, making the trendy style unavoidable and even irresistible!  

Short Time Fun

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One would think that since fall and winter are coming, people would be more covered up. But as the recent climate change debacle has shown us, weather patterns have become unpredictable. And so many street-style stars opted for shorts this season, even putting on fun spins on the look. Take Chloë Grace Moretz, for instance, who paired her shorts with a space-age-meets-Victorian-era twist. Complete with her Doc Martens combat boots, she looked as powerful as ever. As did other women who paired their shorts with tailored blazers or matching denim jackets. Despite the nonchalant nature of the staple, these style mavens transformed it into a more upscale and fashion-forward signature! 

Which street style trend did you like the most? Will you wear any or all of them this season? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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