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After dropping the teaser for it yesterday, DJ Snake just premiered his new music video for “Fuego”. And the title is very much appropriate for the fire-filled and extremely sexy release. All artists involved—DJ Snake, Anitta, and Sean Paul—turned up the heat as they laid out the chill party track.

Watch DJ Snake’s “Fuego” music video below:

The video takes on a slightly fantastical twist; an almost fairytale-like spin but a more adult and definitely darker version. Anitta starts it off, dressed in a sexy black turtleneck bodysuit, thigh-high boots, and a trench coat (an adult play on little red riding hood perhaps?) strutting her way to a strange funhouse. “Don’t make me crazy. Your bed won’t take it” she sings as she seduces her way to the carnival attraction. Arguably, it seems like Sean Paul and DJ Snake—who sort of look similar to each other—are the “big bad wolves” to Anitta’s “red riding hood” persona. 

The Bajan rapper then overtakes the video, spitting out his rhymes in front of the said funhouse (as it bursts into flames) and through a tunnel of fire. Smash cut to both artists playing about in a hall of mirrors, taking turns seducing the audience with their sensual musicality and suggestive gestures. Meanwhile, Snake dances along in his signature aloof way. Not long after, Anitta reappears, this time in the tunnel of fire, wearing a similarly turtlenecked-bodysuit (now cow-printed) with a wide-brim hat and leather opera gloves. She looks expensive and erotic, fitting perfectly with the nature of the EDM-reggaeton track.  Still, despite its more toned-down sound, “Fuego” remains a party track. And Anitta proves it’s a song people can dance to when she’s joined by a flurry of well-oiled and seemingly burning-headed back-up dancers in an ankle-deep pool. This time, wearing long strands of crystals in her neck, the Brazilian pop star shows off her sexy moves as she sings her Spanish verse. There’s no limit to her sexiness as she shakes what God gave her and kicks the water. At the same time, DJ Snake is found in a dark forest, still dancing and moving to his own beat. 

As if waiting for Anitta’s ‘red riding hood’ to come by, the DJ seeks to seduce with his brooding appeal. Sean Paul also continues displaying his irresistible swag as he closes off the song with his final rhymes. And Anitta, whether in the bodysuits or her crimson corset-and-thong outfit, never fails to remind the viewers just how sexy she truly is. Ultimately, the video doesn’t differ that much from DJ Snake’s previous releases. It’s the same brand of hot and sexy EDM fun that he’s become known for. Made even more so by Anitta’s and Sean Paul’s desirable charms.  “Fuego” is DJ Snake’s latest single off of his new album, “Carte Blanche“. The record is now available on various streaming platforms online, including Spotify and Apple Music. Share your thoughts and your reactions to the music video and the album in our comments section below! 

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