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Things are about to get hot as DJ Snake drops his latest music video. The EDM superstar recently went on social media to tease the release of the music video for “Fuego,” featuring Anitta, Sean Paul, and Tainy. And based on the 20-second snippet, it looks like it’s going to be another lit hit! 

Tweeting “TOMORROW.” and tagging Anitta’s and Sean Paul’s Twitter handles, DJ Snake let all his followers know he has something new up his sleeve. The teaser clip showed all three featured artists dancing around various dark and mysterious settings. The Brazilian songstress starts it off strutting her stuff on the street. It then cuts to DJ Snake and Sean Paul dancing in a dark fairytale-like forest. Other settings include a funhouse in a nearby carnival, aptly named “Fuego,” which then explodes in flames. From this snippet alone, the video looks like it’s another pyrotechnic spark-show that’s become the norm in DJ Snake’s videos. 

First impressions will probably remind fans of another DJ Snake hit, “Taki Taki,” featuring Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and Ozuna. Both singles (and most likely music videos) share a hot and spicy reggaeton vibe, complete with strong beats and smooth vocals. However, “Fuego” is distinctly more chill than “Taki Taki,” which has become a rave classic among nightclubs since Snake released it last year. The former, on the other hand, while still a strong party track, is a lot more toned down and less aggressive. Anitta’s sensual vocals and Sean Paul’s rhythmic rhymes make it more suitable for a relaxed party vibe than an all-night rave.  “Fuego” is part of the French producer’s latest album, “Carte Blanche,” which he just dropped last July. Apart from “Taki Taki,” he has already released a myriad of hits before he even unveiled the record. A lot of them even feature A-list hip hop and reggaeton stars. They make this album one of his most star-studded releases to date. Some of them include Bryson Tiller, Gucci Mane, J Blavin, and Tyga, among many others. And, of course, Anitta, Sean Paul, and Tainy as well. 

In fact, perhaps the most striking about the track is Anitta. This is one of the few singles wherein she mostly sings in English. Of her past collaborations with other DJs, she’s always sung in her native tongue. In “Fuego,” she’s showing off that she has a great grasp of the English language, which might work to her advantage in the long run. With all her collaborations with big-named EDM producers gaining traction in the American music scene, it won’t be long until fans get a full English single, or even album, from Anitta. She has tried and tested to possibly go beyond reggaeton.  DJ Snake’s “Fuego” music video will premiere tomorrow, Friday, October 11, 2019. There’s already a countdown to the video as of this writing. You can go to the video by clicking here. Stay tuned on this space for more updates!

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