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Hight street brand Zara just unveiled its third SRPLS collection and it has a heavy focus on winter-wear. The military-inspired sub-line still has its fair share of camouflage prints and strong sportswear, this time, however, outerwear is pushed to the forefront. The 11-piece collection boasts bigger silhouettes without sacrificing its ultimate utilitarian elements. 

See Zara’s This SRPLS Collection in the gallery below:  

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 The high-street behemoth launched its bi-annual sub-line with the goal of incorporating military aesthetics into everyday-wear. They take classic tropes of army-style dressing and translate them into casual clothes, giving both civilians and fashionable servicemen and women an upscale look of the style. This season, the focus on winter-wear is highly visible, dominated by their stark offerings of parkas, fur-lined coats, anoraks, and the like. It’s a heavier selection than previous collections, leaning more on upholding oversized silhouettes, which itself is a current trend in fashion today. Though not all the pieces share such distinctive shapes. Other garments remain as sleek as ever, staying loyal to the Zara aesthetic. 

Perhaps what’s most striking about this latest collection is the strong industrial nature of the clothes, even in the womenswear. Previous collections saw the casual style outweighing the military aspects. This time around, it looks like the utilitarian elements reign supreme. For outerwear, garments feature bulky and full silhouettes, quite similar to actual military garb worn for cold climates. Faux animal fur and skin also take center stage here, mostly serving as a decorative trim for the hoodies of the heavier winter-wear selections. But an oversized women’s bomber, on the other hand, displays a faux lambskin torso with military green nylon sleeves. 

Still, sleek silhouettes sneak in by ways of jumpsuits, sweaters, and matching separates. And the shape looks defined enough that it can work for more feminine forms as well. A combination of a striped top and black cargo pants seem ordinary in its initial iteration. But pair it with a camo-printed vest and it evokes the military vibe of the collection. A black velvet hoodie lined with padded and quilted nylon displays a flashier feel. It will probably allure the likes of A$AP Rocky and Cardi B, who often venture into high-street territory. While an extremely somber shade of zaffre blue on a sweater gives men a relaxing option. 

But for those going for a more sophisticated look, there’s a number of styles that can work to achieve it. A midnight navy menswear tracksuit offers a more elite take on casual sportswear. The green military dress cinched at the waist by a gold-buckled black leather belt can easily transition from day to night with the right accessories. While a charcoal brown button-down jumpsuit has the right amount of elegance and its uncompromising silhouette makes it slightly unisex as well. Finally, an all-black ensemble makes for an easy evening look. It’s not too severely sophisticated by still fine and fresh. 

Zara’s third SRPLS collection is available online and in select stores worldwide now. What do you think of the line? Are these the types of clothes you’d wear? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below! 

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